Hermes is a social Pegasus pony. He is one of the Olympian Equestrians, but disguises himself as a mailman.

Kind Pegasus - Olympian
Gender Male
Residence {{{residence}}}
Occupation Mailman
Eyes Blue
Mane Dark brown
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Coat Tan
Cutie Mark Winged envelope


Hermes is a tan pegasus stallion with a long dark brown mane and tail. He has deep blue eyes and his cutie mark is a winged envelope. He sometimes wears a golden winged helmet.


Hermes is very social, often delivering spoken messages rather than parcels and envelopes. Most of the time he flies to the reciever while they're out of the house, but every once in a while he'll go to the window or knock on a door.



Warp SpeedEdit

Hermes as the ability to fly very fast, crossing Equestria in about ten seconds. He uses this to his advantage when delivering messages far away.

Weather ResistanceEdit

A bonus to warp speed. Hermes will create a small air barrier that deflects rain, snow, wind, and even lightning.

Voice DuplicationEdit

Hermes can repeat a message right down to the voice and cadence of the sender. This comes in handy when the reciever is not sure the sender was actually them.


Once in a while, Hermes requires stealth to get to his customer. He can turn himself invisible to make this easier.


  • He is a ponification of the Greek god, Hermes.

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