Hildegard Johnson is one of the secondary villains in animated television horror film My Little Pony: The Silent Barn. She is the parental grandmother of Suzy Johnson (Kari Wahlgren) and Jeremy Johnson (Mitchel Musso), the mother of Mr. Johnson, and also the mother-in-law of Mrs. Johnson (Jane Lynch). She is voiced by Vicki Lawrence, who also played Miley Stewart's paternal grandmother in Hannah Montana (2006-2011).

Character history

Little is known of Hildegard Johnson before her first encountered with Fauntleroy Donaldson, but it is known that she was a leader of a group of bikers, and two of her members were Gladys Sharp (Allison Janney) and Suzy Johnson, who is also her youngest granddaughter.


Hildegard, along with Gladys and Suzy stops at a convenience store in Ponyville. Gladys and Hildegard held Big Macintosh (Peter New) hostage) while Suzy was making trouble for Big Macintosh's younger sister named Apple Bloom (Michelle Creber). When she has Big Macintosh's thrown red wallet, she wants Apple Bloom to ask her politely for the red wallet back with a word "Ms. Johnson", so Apple Bloom does. Hildegard and Gladys let Big Macintosh go. While he and Apple Bloom get ready to leave, Hildegard was outside in front of the store, drinking a bottle of guava juice as she sees Big Macintosh and Apple Bloom inside the car. When Big Macintosh starts the car, Hildegard begins smashing the windshield of a car that Big Macintosh was driving. However, Big Macintosh runs over their motorcycles as revenge for troubling him and Apple Bloom, causing Hildegard to fume and shout in anger while Apple Bloom praises her older brother as they drive away.

The three female bikers stop at the Sweet Apple Acres. Hildegard goes to a barn across from Applejack's house and discovers Gladys dead. When she sees Fauntleroy jumping down, she grabs a meat cleaver. Fauntleroy continues his scope out of the barn, only to have Hildegard appear and start attacking him with a meat cleaver. Fauntleroy counterattacks by hitting Hildegard with a wooden baseball bat. While Fauntleroy is trying to kill Applejack (Ashleigh Ball), she runs into the barn. She is suddenly met by Hildegard, who survived the earlier fight. Enraged, Fauntleroy turns his attention to Hildegard by using a meat cleaver to chop off her left hand. Applejack continues running in fear as Hildegard screams in horror after Fauntleroy chops off her left hand and hacked her multiple times with a meat cleaver. Hildegard's one-handed corpse, along with the corpses of Hildegard and Gladys, were found by the authorities and taken away by the paramedics. In the deleted scene, Fauntleroy follows her to her room, gags her with one of Rarity's silks and slashes her throat with a cardboard box cutter. Her corpse was later found by Theodore Seville (Jesse McCartney).