Welcome to the Idea Pool! As the page states, here's where you can find some pretty good ideas to certain things! Any one can add to it if they'd like!

Writing Challenges

These are very stripped prompts, offering a lot of creativity. "Bonus Points" are added optional criteria to make it a bit more interesting and challenging to write.

  • Write a story about a pony raised by dragons

Bonus points if they're an Earth Pony!

  • A parody of some of your favorite movies.

Extra bonus points if you can write it without at least one English vowel, (excluding the letter y).

  • A Sparkle Family story

Extra extra bonus points if it features Filly Twilight or Baby Flurry Heart.

Plot Starter Prompts

These are simple prompts to give you an idea for a plot for a fanfic if you are having some trouble with writer's block.

  • A princess with her best friend being a fire breathing dragon.


Some sample titles for a fanfic. These may also help spark some inspiration for a plot or character.

  • The Moon Fire
  • After The Rain Comes The Sun
  • Sun Shadow


These are some names up for grabs! These ones have some sample character ideas, but you can do whatever you want with the name! (Thunderbid3InternationalRescue recommends using this for help.)

  • Fire Whisps (water pony with fire coloration)
  • Sunny Eggs
  • Fluffy Dreams
  • Dizzy Whirls
  • Berry Pudding

Art Prompts

These are ideas for fan-art you can do.

  • An OC of yours and your favorite Pony watching the sunset.
  • An OC comforting a crying Pony
  • A romantic scene between a member of the Mane 6 and that member's coltfriend (or marefriend, whatever).
  • Applejack spending time with Apple Bloom
  • Rarity spending time with Sweetie Belle
  • Rainbow Dash spending time with Scootaloo

OC Ideas

These are ideas for characters. They don't have recommended names, but can spark some inspiration

  • A pony who sleeps all the time and finds all their work mysteriously done. Maybe it's faries!
  • A pony who got a cutie mark they don't like but really good at their talent
  • A "fire-breathing" dragon who can't breath fire
  • A jack-of-all-trades