Ink Blot is an earth pony who is a politician in Canterlot. He works as an assistant and visier to Princess Celestia and Luna, often writing speeches and letters for them. He is also a close friend and assisstant to Thunder Strike, and is used as a link of communication between Thunder and the princesses. He is the closest Thunder has to a best friend, and is the only one aware of his evil intentions before Thunder makes his move.


Blot is a short, grey earth pony with a white mane, green eyes and wore a dark goldish-colored vest, which held a few ink stains. His cutie mark was a fountain pen in a tub of ink.

An ideal voice actor for him would be Troy Baker.


He is heavily based on Sullivan from The Secret of NIMH. He is always very nervous and does not seem confident and reluctant about many situations, and stutters a lot. This can also explain why he rarly argues with Thunder Strike when Thunder asks him favors, no matter how much of an inconveniece it may be for him.

Still, he tries to be a good friend to Thunder, always offering him advice and help when he needs it, and is also very friendly toward other people.

In the series finale, he shows that he has a good heart and wants to do the right thing, being reluctant to kill Celestia, even less so to endanger thousands of lives to do so. He eventually musters the courage to stand up to Thunder, and say "no" to his plans, and tries to help Shining Armor fight him off. Even before he dies of his fatal wound, he does the right thing and saves Shining Armor from Thunder.


Writing and Speech

Knives and Darts



  • "Why do you keep laughing like that?"
  • "Thunder, how many times do I have to say it? You can't kill Celestia!"
  • "It's risky. And what if we kill innocent bystanders?"
  • "Thunder, please! Don't do this!"


  • As mentioned above, his personality and role in the story are heavily based on Sullivan from The Secret of NIMH.

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