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Image: BM2EyesFix.png
Ishi after the events of Belonging

(Sword is not Arondight)

Gender Male
Eyes Hazel - Later Yellow
Hair Black

Ishi is the main protagonist of the fanfiction Belonging. He is the second human to visit Equestria.


Next to nothing is known about Ishi's history, including his real name, as he was amnesiac upon enering the world of Equestria. His earliest known memory is waking up in the fields outside Ponyville. He did however retain memory of what he is.


Ishi is an 18 year old caucasian male standing at around 5'10" and weighing about 130 lbs. He has shaggy black hair and hazel eyes. He wears a white long sleeve dress shirt and dark blue jeans with black work shoes, as well as a black long coat and black fingerless gloves, with a dark blue scarf around his neck, which is replaced by Arcana. His left shoulder is permanently scarred from three gashes recieved by a manticore attack, which are reflected on his shirt and jacket as well.

After the events of Belonging, he wears a white jacket with golden trim and fur around the neck, wearing a black undershirt and black pants with white guards in the shape of wings on the bottom of each leg, with black shoes plated with chrome guards. He wears a white glove on his right hand while keeping the black glove of Gilgamesh on the other. He also sports a pair of shining yellow eyes resulting from [REDACTED]


Headstrong and rebellious, Ishi is quick to go against anything he sees as wrong or going against his morals. He is stubborn at times, and when set in a world he doesn't understand, he instantly sets off to make his own way. Ishi will stop at nothing to accomplish a task, and is able to thing around things and come up with multiple solutions to a problem, although he can sometimes be impulsive. He is not below sparing a life for his own gain, and will purposefully throw himself into danger to protect someone, even a complete stranger who would more than likely be frightened by his presence. Ishi is conflicted in that he does not care for much in this new world and only wishes to discover who he is, but at the same time does not want to see it fall to pieces. Ishi is extremely independent, preferring to work alone and be alone.


Ishi has shown to be extremely quick and agile, with abnormally high reflexes even for a human. He is also able to climb well, using it to his advantage in certain situations ther require elevated positions. Although he is not spectacularly strong, he can still perform respectable feats of strength if need be. He uses his speed to his advantage in combat, as well as showcasing his hand-to-hand combat skill, as well as swordsmanship, both of which he seems to be self-taught in. Ishi is also an expert marksman, specifically with his twin customized M1911 handguns, able to use them in all sorts of combat situations.

Ishi has an unusually high pain threshold, being able to shrug off otherwise crippling blows seemingly by sheer willpower alone, being able to go through many battles and suffer brutal punishment until his body just gives up on him.


Freedom and Justice

Twin heavily customized Colt M1911 handguns, Freedom and Justice are the two weapons Ishi starts out with when he lands in Equestria. They are enhanced in multiple ways, with higher stopping power and accuracy, reduced recoil and increased rate of fire, as well as other modifications. Ishi apparently remembers these two handguns and thinks of them fondly, recalling that he made the modifications himself and that they had served him well for whatever cause.


Ishi recieves Arcana after escaping from Canterlot Castle, swiping it from Celestia's own room and replacing his old scarf with it. Arcana gives Ishi the ability to use magic and magical weapons, assisting him first with breaking out of the castle then making a clean getaway. Ishi is at first unable to fully control magic due to his inexperience, but he quickly learns, and eventually is able to use the magical scarf to its fullest extent, mainly specializing in lightning based elemental attacks. He eventually masters replication of the magazines for Freedom and Justice, giving him infinite ammunition to use. He can also unfuse his guns with magic to add extreme power to his shots.


Ishi comes upon the legendary sword Arondight while exploring a ruined battlefield from long ago. Arondight was the only sword left in the field, apparently unable to be pulled from the ground by anyone until Ishi came along. From that point Ishi uses Arondight as his main weapon, using his self-taught swordsmanship to defeat any enemy in his way. He is able to use Arondight's magical properties as well, giving him a superior advantage over his opponents, coupled with the already powerful properties of the blade itself. Ishi only grows more and more skilled in his swordsmanship while wielding Arondight.


Ishi uncovers Vimana while traversing through an ancient temple deep within a dark forest. This ancient artifact straps onto Ishi's back and enables flight with a pair of bright green energy wings that double as energy based weapons used for offense and defense. Vimana drastically increases Ishi's mobility, allowing him even greater speed and giving him much more combat ability. Paired with Arondight, this makes Ishi a very deadly opponent.


The final weapon Ishi comes across while exploring the ruins of a forgotten kingdom, one which Celestia's father ruled over long ago. Gilgamesh was the personal weapon of Celestia's father many thousands of years ago, said to only be usable by a true King. It is a powerful weapon that changes form from wielder to wielder, in Ishi's case taking on the form of a clawed gauntlet on his left arm. This gives Ishi further close quarters prowess, allowing him to quickly swipe at enemies with the five-bladed gauntlet, or deliver crushing blows. Ishi wields Gilgamesh alongside Arondight to deadly effect.


After the events of Belonging, Ishi adds multiple smaller blades to his arsenal, fitting around his jacket.


  • The name Ishi was chosen because I'm lazy and didn't think an actual name would work. Then again Ishi IS an actual name in Japan. WHATEVER.
  • His alignment is Chaotic Good.

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