Ivory in a relaxed stance.

Ivory is an exceptional piano playing pegasus mare. She is the fraternal twin sister of Ebony.



As a filly, Ivory has a white coat and a naturally white mane, but later dyes it purple and pink.


When she is a mare, Ivory retains her white coat. Her mane is purplish black with violet highlights.

Overall, Ivory had always been known for being quite beautiful, with a thin frame and an air of grace about her. After she started dyeing her mane in dark colors, she also started wearing rogue as eye-shadow and eyeliner as mascara, making her eyes look very dramatic.

New Ivory

Ivory as an adult.


Ivory was born to Octavia about nineteen years ago. She is the fraternal twin sister of Ebony. As a child, she was often treated more like a Playful Ponies toy than an actual filly, due to her albinism. Ivory had always wanted to actually do something with her life instead of sitting around. Her sister, Ebony, had always wanted to get out more too, but she was too sensitive to cold.

Without having to pay for school, their mother used them almost exclusively for dressing up instead. They had an abundance of fluffy dresses, which boosted their self esteem when they were finally enrolled in school at the age of six. She was enrolled with her sister. The first day was rough. The teacher kept her inside under her mother's rule. She was advanced in music, after hearing her mother play so often. The music teacher, Merrilee, asked Ivory to be her full-time assistant, along with Ebony. This was her job and she was paid a great deal for it.

This was her only job until Merrilee died.

Ivory and Ebony were devastated by this, but nonetheless moved on. They moved on with school like everyone else. After they were sixteen, they no longer stayed with Octavia. They waved goodbye and went one their way. Ivory and her sister didn't go to college. They decided to be travelling music players. They were joined by a mysterious mare named Mahogany.

Personality Edit

As a filly, Ivory was overly optimistic and cheery, which led to her having few enemies, but no friends. She would talk on and on about how the world was lovely and sweet, even though she couldn't experience much of it. After Merrilee died, this all changed. Ivory's new teacher was not mean to her, but they could not form a connection. Because of the stress of losing a great mentor and creative outlet, she often lashed out at her mother and father, yelling and screaming and avoiding them constantly. Their relationship with her became even more strained when she started dyeing her mane. Octavia and Staccato were concerned that it would ruin her fragile, doll-like appearance. Unbeknownst to the outside world, Ivory started planning to leave her parents for good. While Ebony agreed, she was shocked to here the plans.


Music ArtEdit

When she uses her magic brush, it paints a random sequence of music notes. This is how she writes her songs.


She can transform into a white swan.


She can write songs for and play instruments for long periods of time.








  • "M-m-my name is Ivory"-After enrolling school.
  • "When you've bungled all your bangles..."-Helping Pinkie write her song.
  • "Ivory, Ebony, Mahogany, we make instruments, you buy 'em!"-Fast talking while advertising her group.


  • Ivory loves tomatoes.
  • She loves other ponies' affection.
  • Her favorite instrument is the harpsichord.

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