Jersey Demon in his normal form


Jersey Demon is the second youngest of four children to a Demon Lord and an Alicorn. Jersey was born with a curse in which his "Demon Blade" carries his life force. If the Demon Blade cracks, Jersey will slowly start to die, unless he replaces it within 24 hours. 

History in PonyvilleEdit

Jersey moved to Ponyville to get away from Tartarus. He didn't exactly have many bits, only 20, because his two older brothers had all of the money. He managed learn a few shrinking spells, and currently lives in a small box. He found his pet scorpion, Serqet, in the Everfree Forest when he was out on a stroll. He managed to buy a couch with all of his bits, and looks for work desperately.


Jersey is normally a loner, but there are a few exceptions. He has a crush on Fluttershy that he cannot get rid of, even though he knows it would be impossible for him to speak up about his feelings. He is also good friends with Pinkie Pie.

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