Jukebox James


Jukebox James With Official Cutie Mark No Glasses (1)

Element Of Forgiveness
Kind Earth (Even though he has a mare's look)
Gender Male
Residence 325 Sugarcube Corner, Equestria
Occupation Musician, Singer, Dancer, Rapper, Delivery Stallion, Co-Protector of Equestria
Coat Brown
Eyes Brown
Cutie Mark
New Cutie Mark (Element Of Forgiveness) (1)
Voice Jason Pleasant
Singing Voice Jason Pleasant
Wife Sonata Dusk
Children Alexis Junior (Named after his sister) "Sweet Swirl"

Tracy "Bubble Blast or Bubbles" Gracie "Sweet pea"

Mane Black Liberty Spikes (Equestria), Small Afro (Canterlot High)
Relatives Alexis Star - Sister

Emerald Storm - Brother Vanillia Mint - Brother Ruby - Sister Kaitlin Natasha - Mother Travis Jewel - Father Daisy - Sister Blue Arrow - Sister Red Arrow - Brother Air Sparks - Sister

First Appearance [[1]]
Birthplace Human World
Powers Spider Powers (Spider-Man), Super Speed, Telekinetic Ice Power, Solar Power/Sun Power (Learned from Princess Celestia), Magic (Learned from Twilight Sparkle), Pixie Dust Flight (Given to him from Tinker Bell), Healing Magic (Learned from Twilight Sparkle, Sora from Kingdom Hearts and Marvel's Wolverine), Clothes Changing Magic (Self-taught)
Other Names Double "J", JJ, Jukebox
Personality energetic, helpful, caring, loving, sometimes impatient, sometimes hot tempered (never vengeful), a little jumpy, a little clumsy (NOT TOO CLUMSY), protective, hard working and very sensitive (Tears up when friends start arguing MOSTLY)
Nickname Beatzilla
Favorite Food Pizza

A Stallion unlike any other. He loves music as much as Vinyl Scratch, he's also considered a party pony just like Pinkie Pie. He's also called "Double J" or "JJ" for extra musical zing and he's extremely wealthy as Filthy Rich.  He spends some of his time as a delivery pony delivering food or new appliances for the pony folk but most of the time, He hangs out with his friends to work on music or get an inspiration. He also represents the element of forgiveness for his cutie mark has musical notes on a big pink heart. He also has a special watch that can do just about anything. Invisibility, phone calls, scanning, compass, anything he can think of and learned various super powers from his young colt days of family vacation with his mom, dad, brother and little sister.

Cutie Mark

The musical notes shows his love for music every single day they even flash when ever a song comes into his mind. The big heart shows that he's loving, caring and very kind to others. He may get mad but he's always forgiving except his past. That's one thing he'll never let go of


Party Side

James LOVES to party all the time. sometimes he helps Pinkie Pie with all the decorations and sometimes during the party, He helps Vinyl Scratch with the music; But mostly he just to get on the dance floor and dance the night away

Determined/Loyal side

Keen to his spider sense, he searches Ponyville to see if anypony's in danger.

Sensitive side

James is sensitive in so many ways but mostly, he cries when his friends are aurguing or the mane 6 think a problem they have is his fault; Because it reminds him of his horrible past days as a child/colt


Video 1

MLP EG - Meet Jukebox James-1

MLP EG - Meet Jukebox James-1

Meet Jukebox James

Video 2

Fluttershy's Yay (Jukebox James Style)

Fluttershy's Yay (Jukebox James Style)

James Helping Out Fluttershy with her cheer

Video 3

James Meets Pinkie

James Meets Pinkie

James Meets Pinkie for the first time

A Letter to Princess Twilight from Jukebox James

A Letter to Princess Twilight from Jukebox James

James's Letter to Princess Twilight

Video 4