Just For Laughs Gags Equestria is a spin-off crossover of MLP:FiM and Just For Laughs Gags. It combines the elements of JFL Gags' pranks with the characters of MLP:FiM.

List of gagsEdit

Feel free to add gags here.

Title of gag Description Prepetrator Episode
Eye in glass A mare (Twilight) needs help for cleaning her eye. But this scared other ponies due to the fact she was (pretending) to remove her eye and dunk it in water. Twilight Sparkle S01E01
Cupcakes Pinkie lets other ponies try out her yummy cupcakes. But unfortunately, they gagged alot when they found out that the cupcakes were made out of Rainbow Dash! (NOTE: No Rainbow Dashes were harmed during the making of this prank.) Pinkie Pie S01E01
Disgusting Muffins

At a street in Ponyville, Derpy is selling delicious freshly baked muffins that everypony enjoyed! This time, not so much because the muffins seemed like they were made from garbage!

Derpy S01E01
Eaten  Cake Prank Aboard the Friendship Express, Pinkie lets other ponies aboard the train to watch over her cake  (MMMM cake) while she uses the bathroom. Unfortunately, the lights went out and once they came back, the desserts have seemed to be eaten, and that led to Pinkie (jokingly) believing that the ponies guarding the desserts ate them! Pinkie Pie S01E01
Never Ending Pitch Black Tunnel Prank Aboard the Friendship Express again, passengers are happily enjoying their trip to their destination. But some chaos happens when they enter a pitch black tunnel that seemingly never ends! Rainbow Dash S01E01
Living Statue Prank TBA Twilight Sparkle S01E01
Black Eye A filly asks other ponies to take a picture of she and her sister (Rarity). However, there was black ink rubbed around the viewfinder lens of the camera, so the ponies who fell for the prank end up looking like raccoons after the picture taking. Sweetie Belle S01E01
Umbrella Eye Poke Gag Ponies are happily strolling in a rainy day when suddenly a mare keeps getting poked in her eye with their very own umbrella! Twilight Sparkle S01E01

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