Kimberley Lock is an full Anodite alien from the planet Anodyne.
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Kimberley's Unicorn form.


Kimberley came to the Equestrian world through a portal she found. She then found herself in a forest near Cloudsdale. She then disguised herself as a Pegasus and flew to Cloudsdale. She then explored Cloudsdale and found it to be a very interesting place. She then looked through a hole in a nearby cloud and saw Ponyville. She explored Ponyville and met many new friends. She is currently being taught spells in her Unicorn form by Dinky Doo.



Kimberley's Pegasus form.

In Equestria, she has two forms: a Unicorn and a Pegasus. Her Pegasus form consists of a grey pony with a black and white tail and mane. She also has jet black eyes. In her Pegasus form, she has no cutie mark since she hasn't found her Pegasus talent yet.

In her Unicorn form, her pony body is bright green in colour and she has a short dark blue and purple mane and tail. She also has blood red eyes and her cuite mark consists of a shooting star.


Her personality consists of a 15 year old teen pony. She loves to study just like Twilight does. She also is very compitive like Rainbow Dash and likes making fashion like Rarity. She can be quite random like Pinkie Pie and loves animals like Fluttershy. She also is very honest like Applejack. She is basically a whole combination of the main characters of My Little Pony.


Rainbow DashEdit

She spends alot of time with Rainbow Dash and both are very compitive. They both love to fly really fast and both love the Wonderbolts. They also like playing pranks on other ponies

Twilight SparkleEdit

Twilight teaches alot of stuff to Kimberley and sets her special challenges like Princess Celestia does to Twilight.


Rarity was the first pony Kimberley met in Ponyville therefore the two are very close. Kimberley wishes to learn the art of fashion by Rarity but she is too busy with her job to teach her yet.

Pinkie PieEdit

Kimberley actually doesn't spend alot of time with Pinkie instead she spends time with Pinkie's other personality, Pinkamena Diane Pie.


Kimberley likes to help Applejack collect apples for her farm. She also loves Applejack's Equestrian Apple cider and tends to drink alot of it.


Kimberley likes to help Fluttershy tend animals and make them feel better. Otherwise, they haven't been soon together alot.

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