Kiwi Scribble
Created by Invader Peebles
Species/kind Earth
Gender Female
More info
Residence Ponyville
Occupation Artist
Fashion designer
Eyes Moderate blue
Mane Light yellow
Coat Brilliant arctic blue
Cutie mark
Kiwi Scribble Cutie Mark


Kiwi Scribble is an earth pony with a turquoise coat and a dark blonde mane. She is quite slender and her cutie mark is a pencil with three swirls around it. She normally wears her mane in a side ponytail, but sometimes has plaits or pigtails. She enjoys making and wearing her own clothes, but only on special occasions. She has freckles and a small mole above her left eye.


Ever since she was very young she's loved to create things. She painted or drew on anything in reach and made snow sculptures and clay models whenever possible. She has just moved to Ponyville and hasn't done much yet.


She hasn't met anyone yet!


"Hello! How're you? :D" - When she greets someone

"I'm bored..." - When nothing she's interested in is happening

"Awesome!" - Showing approval

"Hm? What did you say?" - When someone's just been explaining something to her 


  • She is obsessed with manga and anime.
  •  She loves art, music and drama.
  •  She likes eating food.
  • When she's bored, she rolls around on the floor and says she's bored.
  • She has a short attention span.

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