"Everyone else can just take a hike for all I care."
Kind Pegasus
Gender Male
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Eyes Turquoise
Mane Purple and Red
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Coat Light Blue
Cutie Mark Knockout Star
Knockout is a pegasus pony who likes to bully others. He is partially crippled in his right arm from getting in a fight with Lightblade. Knockout is nicknamed KO often

Early LifeEdit

(Will do later)

Flight SchoolEdit

At Flight School, Knockout was always mean to everyone, except two friends, also bullies, Billy and Kevin, who consider Knockout as the leader of their bullying group. (Will finish later)

Fight with LightbladeEdit

Knockout eventually came across Light in the sky when they grazed past each other during a flying lesson. Light was quick to apologize but Knockout began to yell at him and make fun of him. Light tried to simply fly away but Knockout charged at him and pulled him down to the clouds. Knockout began a fight in which Light was simply defending, taking some blows to the chest and face. Light was eventually knocked down. Fluttershy then came into the scene and tried to help Light up. She then went over to Knockout, trying to get him to back off, to which Knockout responded by smacking her out of the way. This triggered Light to fight back. Light got up off the clouds, and at high speed punched Knockout in the face. Knockout retaliated with a punch but Light grabbed his hoof and placed an uppercut on his albow, bending it backwards and severely breaking his righ arm before jumping up and punching him downward to the ground. Knockout was caught before he hit the ground by his two friends. After that, Knockout began avoiding everyone, including his friends, and especially Light.

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