Lemon is a gentle female Earth Pony. She is the girlfriend of Lime.

Lemon Rush
"Sweet and Sour, Naughty and Nice!"
Gender Female
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Eyes Green
Mane Green
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Coat Yellow
Cutie Mark Yellow spots


Lemon is a yellow Earth Pony with green eyes. She has a green mane and tail. Her cutie mark is a bunch of green dots. She wears a lemon green headband and collar.


She used to work for Aloe and Lotus, but quit after discovering how rude and bossy some customers at the spa were. She moved to Fillydelphia after a while, working at a juice bar. Her Lemonade soon became one of the most sold drinks. Not long after, a new employee, named Lime, joined. They had the same shifts, and soon grew close. After a while, they decided to move back to Ponyville. They help Applejack whenever there is a big Applebuck season, and also assist Mr and Mrs.Cake when orders are high. During the Summer, they open up a part of their home and sell Lemonade, and often give a glass or two to an exhausted pony that doesn't have any bits.


Lime - Boyfriend

Aloe - Former boss/co-worker

Lotus - Former boss/co-worker


  • "Sweet and Sour, Naughty and Nice!" - Introducing herself and Lime.