Lemon Meringue represents equality in the elements of courage.


Lemon Meringue is an optimistic earth pony that doesn't let other ponies push her around just because she is an earth pony. As a filly, she tried almost everything she could think of to get her cutie mark. When ponies told her she couldn't do anything just because she was an earth pony, she proved them wrong.


She has a has a navy blue mane with side bangs that she keeps out of her eyes using her lucky purple headband. She has lime green eyes and a lemon yellow coat.

Cutie Mark

Lemon's cutie mark is a slice of lemon with lemon juice squirting out (her special talent is making lemonade


Lemon was friends with the five ponies Midnight first met in the village. Lemon and Bubblegum where secretly friends, breaking the rule that the ponies made to not be friends anymore. When Midnight said that she would try to make the girls friends again, Lemon tried to break the ice by telling jokes. When Lime Sorbet told Lemon that only pegasi could tell funny jokes, Lemon stood up for herself saying that all types of ponies are equal (therefore granting her the element of equality).