Lickety Split Sweets Shop is a store that sells many kinds of cady. The owner is Kandy Kane, and the main manager is Mint Cheep.


Honeyduke - The chocolate professional

Kandy Kane and Sour Ball


Gumball Goof, Ginger Snap, and Honeyduke

Ginger Snap - Is the main baker of the shop

Sour Ball - Makes the taffy and hard candies

Gumball Goof - Sells most of the products

Mint Cheep - Manager


It is a medium-sized two story house with pale pink walls and green shutters. The roof is white and has fake plastic candy, and some fake candy is even on the walls. The door is dark brown and has a soft handle, as if it was made of marshmallow.


It is located on the shopper street of Fillydelphia, strategically located a few blocks from the school. It is between Pony Putt-Putt and an apartment building. They often get a stray golf ball or two through a window, sometimes ending up in the taffy mix.

Other Information


  • They give out generous proportions of candy on Nightmare Night.