Light Crescendo is a flamboyant and positive pegasus pony. She is the youngest daughter of Lightblade and Downbeat.

Light "Cress" Crescendo
Kind Pegaus - Evolved
Gender Female
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Occupation Part-time pastry maker
Eyes Aqua green
Mane Silver with blue and purple streaks
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Coat White
Cutie Mark Note-shaped candle


Light Crescendo (or Cress, as she is often called) is a pure white pegasus filly. She has a short silver mane and tail with blue and purple streaks. The right side of her mane is devoted to blue streaks while the left is devoted to purple. She holds up her mane with pigtails. She has aqua green eyes, and likes to wear pink bracelets.


Born in Ponyville, Cress was very friendly. Over the years, she explored her interests and found joy in making treats like cakes. When she was old enough, she took a part-time job to help Pinkie and the Cakes. Sometimes she would cook for them, sometimes she would help deliver, and other times she would be a representative at a party they catered.


Crescendo really likes vehicles like scooters and skateboards. She even owns a custom-made scooter given to her by Scootaloo.


Cress is often cheerful, but has inherited part of her father's stubborn side. As her name suggests, a small emotion can suddenly change from a large one (such as annoyance to rage) and she often switches emotions.

She is very loyal to her friends and family, often going to large measures just to keep them safe. Even though she has an unstable attitude, she respects most figures of authority.

She really clicks with other cheerful ponies, and even has a few friends that are similar to her. One her of best friends is Pinkie Pie, a co-worker at Sugarcube Corner.


Lightblade - Father

Downbeat - Mother

Aero Blitz - Brother

Lullaby - Sister

Shiden - Pet/Best friend

Pinkie Pie - Co-worker and friend

Arpeggio - Grandmother

Quicksilver - Grandfather (Deceased)

Flat - Uncle

Sharp - Aunt

Soft Aria - Cousin


Quick Shift

She has inherited part of her father's Shift ability. Though she can't go as fast as Light, she can quickly change direction when running or flying. She can use this to her advantage by weaving through crowds of civilians or enemies. She cannot do anything until she stops, so this is simply an evasive ability.

Alluring Lullaby

Her signature ability. She can sing a few notes to hypnotize her targets. Depending on the magical strength of her target, she can either make them do whatever she wishes or immobilize them for a few minutes. As long as she keeps singing, they will remain under her power. Stronger ponies can resist or even shake off the effects.


She also has the ability to understand most species of birds, especially magical ones like Blitz and Phoenixes. While talking to them, her own voice warbles a little bit and sometimes even turns into whistling. This may be because of Light's link with Shiden.


"I'm going to find him, mom!"