I shouldn't exist, I know that. But seeing as I do, I might as well make the most of it.






Kind Pegasus - Evolved
Gender Male
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Occupation Lord Protector (Formerly)

First Knight of the White Knights (Formerly)

Junior member of the Canterlot Council (Formerly)

Mercenary / Bounty Hunter

Eyes Varying Shades of Blue

Final Incarnation - Blue Platinum

Mane Varying Shades of Silver and Blue

Final Incarnation - Silver and White

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Coat White
Cutie Mark Tribal Star

Lightblade, called just Light by his friends is a pegasus pony born in Cloudsdale. He is the first Evolved ever, Natural or Artificial.


Light was born to Winter Falls and Storm in Cloudsdale. He was raised as any other pony would be, and he quickly proved to have much potential. He learned to fly at a very early age, and by the age of 3 he could gain height on his own and glide around Cloudsdale. He spent a lot of his time with his younger sister, Melody, playing around in the clouds or having fun with his entire family.

When Light was 6, however, a group of robbers entered their house at night and took his parents hostage. When Light woke up and checked downstairs, he was quickly captured as well. Before the robbers could kill his parents, however, in fear he involuntarily released a magical outburst, which caused blades of energy to spike out around him, impaling not only the robbers, but his mother and father as well, instantly killing all of them. That event left him with internal injuries and mental trauma, gaining his cutie mark as a result. Princess Celestia, sensing the powerful magic, headed to Cloudsdale and found the house, which was half destroyed. She found Light and Melody inside, along with the bloody remains of his parents and the robbers. After that, she took both Light and Melody into her care, healed Light, and began working with him to master his magic, and hopefully forget about all that had happened.

Celestia enrolled Light and Melody into flight school together, where they met and became friends with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. Although Light somewhat distanced himself from everyone for a while, he learned to trust the two, and soon became more social and less reserved. After a year of flight school, he graduated along with Melody, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.

After this, he was further trained in his magic by Celestia, and met a young Twilight Sparkle in the process, who he quickly became friends with, practicing their magic together. He visited Ponyville for the first time when he was 10 where he met Applejack, Rarity and Pinkie Pie, all three of which he became good friends with. Celestia continued to train Light in controlling his magic until the point came where his magic began to spiral out of control, making him prone to more magical outbursts, at which point she made him magic inhibitor rings that prevented his magic from bursting out again.

When Light turned 15, he was highly skilled in both his magical and physical abilities, allowing him to excel in combat against even Celestia's veteran knights. Due to this, she appointed him as her personal guard and Royal Protector.

Melody would later leave Canterlot to move back into the old house, which she would repair with the help of her friends, while Light chose to stay.

The next year, The Darkness inside Light created Darkblaze, unbenownst to him, launching the events leading up to The Great Darkness.

Fighting Darkblaze

Light's battle with Darkblaze began when he threatened to consume the world in eternal darkness, destroy it, and creat a new world in which he is the ruler, believing that the world has lost it's way, and was corrupt, and must be brought to justice with a cleansing, and control of free will, allowing the world to finally be "peaceful". Light stepped up against him, and through many trials, he was able to defeat Darkblaze. This event, Darkblaze's rise and fall, is now known as The Great Darkness.

For a more extensive and detailed narrative on this, see Eternal Night.

Post Darkness

When Ligh destroyed Darkblaze, it resulted in all his negative emotions and energies being destroyed as well.

Light after the defeat of Darkblaze

This in turn resulted in Light changing, physically and mentally. Light's mane turned a brighter silver and blue, and his eyes turned bright blue. His inhibitor rings also became brighter. Although he retained his original personality, he became much calmer and subtle, and was more strategic in his actions, able to think things through before starting, and making quick refinements as he carries it out. In addition to this, he gained much more power, due to his negative emotions and energies disappearing. He can now dash at extremely high speeds in short bursts without High Luminous, and can control his magic much more fluently, and can no longer suffer through magic overload naturally. High Luminous also takes less of a toll on Light, allowing him to stay in High Luminous for longer periods without any negative consequences. After The Great Darkness, Light founded the White Knights, a small group of elite and powerful individuals to serve under Princess Celestia, with Light being the leader, the First Knight.

Discovering the Truth

Later on, Light began to question who he is, or what he is, and why he was born with his powers. When Melody is kidnapped by an unknown group, Light sets out to find her and what he is in the upcoming Cost of Destiny.

Against The Dreaming

Light is eventually set on a mission to protect the Skyrift Royal Family against The Dreaming, at the time being an unknown enemy, but the mission escalates into a personal battle. The story of this mission is covered in the fanfiction Restless Dreams.

During his adventure, Light develops feelings for Downbeat and the two eventually marry, after which they have three children, Aero Blitz, Lullaby, and Light Crescendo.

The First

A year after Aero Blitz, Lullaby and Light Crescendo were born, Light left his new family in order to make sure they were safe from the Evolved that were growing in number around the world. He had no contact with Downbeat or anyone near his old home for 16 years before Aero, Lullaby and Crescendo were strong enough to defend themselves. It was then that they began to learn more of their father and began to search for him, while he battled the Evolved on his own.

This story is covered in Promise of Ascension.


Light is generally a kind and caring pony who will give anything to protect his friends, However he is sometimes a bit overprotective and will immediately take guard against anyone he sees might be a threat, which has sometimes given people the wrong impression. He is very likeable and is easy to get along with, and always loves to laugh. He is affected by the feelings of those around him. If someone is unhappy, it makes him feel unhappy as well, and if someone is happy, it makes him feel happy. He loves to fly more than just about anything, and will push his limits to satisfy his need for speed. Light is also quite easily amused, laughing at just about anything Pinkie Pie says or does. Light is sometimes arrogant as well, sometimes landing him into some troubling situations. He is usually laid back and just wants to have a good time, but can be serious if need be. He loves freedom, and absolutely hates restrictions. He doesn't like fanciful things, and the only reason why he would attend anything of the sort is by personal request, or if it is part of his duty as a knight. Light usually goes everywhere with his lightning bird, Shiden. He is very close to his friends, and their moods affect his more than anyone's. He tries to make sure they're always happy, and does whatever he can to help them should they need it. Light deeply believes in hope above everything else, and even though he does not represent a harmony element, some see him as the representation for hope, especially due to all of Light's efforts as a knight. Princess Celestia knows this even more since she is one of the few who know the entirely full story of The Great Darkness.

After he becomes attached to Downbeat, he is extremely protective of her, willing to go through intense and torturous pain for her safety, so far as coming out barely alive from Dreamcast with the Dawnbreaker. He has made it a promise to himself and to her to protect her, saying "she's the only thing I have left", signifying her significance in his eyes.

After the 16 year timeskip in Promise of Ascension, Light mostly retains his personality, however he is much calmer and has grown very wise over the years. He displays an attitude of uncaring and condescendence toward his opponents, and has taken on a slightly darker variation of his original personality, but is still very caring about his allies (however few they may be). He has grown incredibly decisive in his actions, and has steeled himself to be able to make extremely difficult decisions and sacrifices for the greater good. It is at this time he has fully accepted who and what he is, and everything he has done, and has managed to forgive himself for all the lives lost during The Great Darkness.


Winter Falls - Mother (Deceased)

Storm - Father (Deceased)

Melody - Sister (Deceased)

Celestia - Mentor/Surrogate mother

Shiden - Pet/Best friend

Axis Solaris - Apprentice

Gravity X-Fold - Brother figure (Deceased)

Downbeat - Wife

Aero Blitz - Son

Lullaby - Daughter

Light Crescendo - Daughter

Sharp - Sister-in-law

Flat - Brother-in-law

Arpeggio - Mother-in-law

Quicksilver - Father-in-law (Deceased)

Lumina - Foster daughter

Powers and Abilities

As the first Evolved, Lightblade possesses an immesurable amount of power and abilities at his disposal. His physical abilities have been enhanced to the point of being beyond superpony, with unmatched strength and speed, as well as hightened senses and awareness. His magical abilities are even more powerful, being able to top Princess Celestia's own magic, and has shown to be able to disturb and cut into space-time with just the sheer amount of energy he can output. His combat prowess is phenomenal, able to easily best any enemy using his physical abilities, magical abilites, or both. The amount of power he has makes him unstable, however, and he is vulnerable to be hurt by his own magic. Furthermore, Light has possessed three enhanced states over his lifetime, being High Luminous, Berserk Luminous, and Feathered Butterfly, with the current form being the latter of the three.

After the 17 year timeskip in Promise of Ascension, Light seems to have only grown in power and ability, displaying incredible feats of physical and magical abilities, allowing him to easily defeat anyone who challenges him. It is at this point that he is known around the world as "The First", and is renown as being the most powerful being to have ever existed (even though many people think he is simply a myth).

Should Light be killed in some way (Grimm being an example) he can substitute one of his familiars instead, so in effect his familiars can also be counted as backup lives, however, something that can destroy his life directly, such as the Dawnbreaker, can bypass this.

It has been noted by Grimm that he and Schrodinger are dangerously close to exceeding the bounds of what power can be contained within physical reality.

After Light absorbs Schrodinger and becomes an Angel, his power can no longer be held inside his body, and is therefore manifested into the form of a halo above his head whenever he powers up.

Genetic Absorption and Familiar Creation

Light has two signature abilities. The ability absorb genetic material to enhance himself and to create familiars of the people whose genetic material he's absorbed. Light can gain the powers of those whose genetic material he's absorbed, allowing him to gain special abilities, and letting him increase his powers further. Also, he can create familiars out of the same people, using them to assist him in or outside of combat. This ability can only be used to create famliars of people who are no longer alive, however he CAN recieve their abilities even if they are alive.


His sub-signature ability is Shift, which evolved from his previous Blur technique. It is a power that allows him to move through space-time via space-time compression, allowing him to move around at unreal speeds.

Zero Shift

This technique eventually evolves into Zero Shift, allowing him to move so quickly through space-time, that he can appear places before he has even moved, leaving visible warping within the fabric of the continuum from the starting point to the destination point.

Advanced Forms

High Luminous

Light first discovered High Luminous in a friendly race against Rainbow Dash, in which he used his powers to push himself past the speeds of the Sonic Rainboom and entered the state. This ability causes physical changes to Light, in the form of his coat and aura turning gold, and his mane a pure white. During this state, Light's abilities are increased tremendously, gaining incredible physical and magical abilities. Light gains strength enough to move any unfixed object on the planet, and his magic becomes enough to completely shatter mountains in just a mere lightning bolt attack. However, there are drawbacks to this ability. High Luminous slowly drains away at Light and can quickly wear him out of used excessively. Furthermore it can cause massive internal damage if used for long periods of time, and can even kill him if he doesn't stop in time. After the acquisition of his inhibitor rings, Light is required to take them off before he can enter High Luminous, as activating High Luminous with them on will destroy them.

After defeating Darkblaze, Light can use High Luminous more effectively. It takes less of a toll on him, so he can use it for extended periods of time. The power of High Luminous is also amplified, granting him even more power than before. Light can trigger High Luminous by taking off his inhibitor rings and charging his powers. High Luminous can also be triggered involuntarily by emotional trauma, or when near death. There are only two others who know of High Luminous, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.

Imperfect Berserk

Due to his naturally hightened fighting and killing instinct and his immense power, Lightblade developed an alternate version his advanced forms that made him lose control of himself and sent him into a blood rage, killing anything and everything around him. While this is the most powerful form Berserk can take, it is completely out of his control, making it a complete but imperfect Berserk.

Feathered Butterfly

After the events of Cost of Destiny, after Light absorbs some of his sister's blood, his genetic code was rewritten, and he takes on his final incarnation, with silver and white mane and platinum eyes, as well as gaining an extra pair of wings. These wings are the exact same as Melody's, and can be concealed perfectly under his main wings. Light can reveal the wings from under the feathers of his main wings, giving him more ability in combat. It was named by Gravitz, after he noted when Light had all his wings extended, he looked like a "feathered butterfly". Light rarely uses this ability, and he would prefer nobody knew about his extra wings. The need for his inhibitor rings is eliminated after the acquisition of this power. The Feathered Butterfly State is a more evolved version and replacement for Light's normal High Luminous ability. In this state, Light's coat stays white, and his mane turns a bright silver, as well as his eyes. This power takes less of a toll on Light than any previous form, and he can easily go through entire full length battles without having to power down.


Light's most powerful advanced form, gained during his final fight with Dreamcast. Light combines his power with Darkblaze, giving him black stripes in certain areas on his coat, along with his feathers turning black as well as the tips of his ears, as well as having white and black mane and tail. His right eye turns black with white sclera and his left turns white with black sclera. In this state, Light and Dark can both speak outwardly, and act on their own accord. This combination of light and darkness makes this form easily the most powerful of Light's advanced forms by a huge margain. He has only used it once.


Light's final and powerful advanced form without the use of Darkness, this is Lightblade's Angel form after ascending to the status of and Angel Evolved. Although it is technically not an advanced form due to it being his default look after his ascendance, it is powerful enough to be at least considered an advanced form. When Light powers up as an Angel, the energy halo over his head becomes brighter and more powerful, and his wings are sheathed in white energy in the form of his wings.


Light has several weaknesses, however they are mostly unknown and are not often exploited by the enemy. Among these are his wings, as if they are hurt they can incapacitate him. Also if Light's magic is inhibited in any way it can seriously hurt him from the inside.

His magical state can become incredibly unstable, as well as his mental condition during recollection of traumatic events (The Great Darkness, Melody's death), as in some cases he does suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Remembering these events can potentially cause his magic to grow even more unstable and even cause an outbreak unless he is calmed down.


  • Lightblade is Ishi's ponysona.
  • Light's alignment is neutral good.
  • In High Luminous and Feathered Butterfly, Light hovers, even if his wings are closed.
  • Light has a heartbeat twice that of average.
  • Light sleeps outdoors more often than in his actual bed, most of the time in a field or meadow, and sometimes forests, or on clouds, or the highest point of Canterlot Castle.
  • He often hums a lullaby his mother used to sing to him when he was younger to help him sleep.
  • His mother's lullaby is a song from the soundtrack of the anime Casshern Sins, named Luna.
  • Despite being incredibly skilled in magic Light does struggle with mastering certain spells, transformation magic and teleportation being among them.
  • Light's Zero Shift ability is based on the Zero Shift ability in the Zone of the Enders series, in both function and how it works.
  • Throughout Promise of Ascension, Light wears his black snow jacket and has a cigarette in his mouth that he never lights, to honor Labyrn after his death.