Lightspeed is a female pegasus from Cloudsdale. She is a junior Wonderbolts member and often trains by going on rescues.

Gender Female
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Occupation Junior Wonderbolts member
Eyes Blue
Mane Dark slate blue
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Coat Dark sea green
Cutie Mark Sun with dash marks


Born and raised in Canterlot, Lightspeed often spent time away from her family in Cloudsdale. She would usually leave her two Unicorn siblings for Pegasus friends of her own, even when she was supposed to watch them. One day, she found Criss Cross, and decided to raise her to prove her parents she was responsible. She did well, but soon got Criss into mischief. Once Criss was able to take care of herself, Lightspeed went back to her home and apologized on how she was acting. She still visits Criss Cross sometimes, and tends to act motherly towards her.


Snapshot - Brother

Paparazzi - Sister

Needle Eye - Mother

Bolt - Father

Criss Cross - Foster Daughter