Lilac is a shy pony who often doesn't talk to many people, but when she does she is sweet and cariring. She likes to garden and can talk to plants. Her best friednd is Skyflyer, a pegasus pony who makes cloud art. Lilac also loves flying with Skyflyer in a hot air balloon.


Lilac was born in Cloudsdale with her fraternal twin sister Daisy.  Daisy got  sick and died when she and Lilac were only about a mouth old, and Lilac never really knew her sister. Lilac went off to live with her aunt Lilyblossom, she met her best friend Skyflyer, who was alone and shy before Lilac came. The moved back to Cloudsdale together and live with each other as roommates. latrer on, Skyflyer found out that Lilac was her sister before her parents had her, but they put Lilac in a adopiton center.


Lilac has a lilac purple mane and a soft pink coat. Her cuite mark is a flower with a yellow center and blue petals.

She has light blue eyes.


Season 4, episode 8, Up In The Sky, Side character

Season 4, episode 10, Pinkie Party, small speaking role

Season 5, episode 2, Garden Blooms, main role


" Ok, but is an algbra classified as a plant?"

Relpying to Ash when he talks about math in Pinkie Party

"Looks like this plant has bit the dust."

When she finds a plant dead in Garden Bloom

"Whoa, Sky wait up! I am scared of hights!

To Sky on her first flying in Up in the Sky


  •  Lilac and Fluttershy see each other somtimes, and are friends.
  • In Season 5, Episode one, Lilac appears with Skyflyer in the park.
  • Her name is the name of a flower, the Lilac.
  • Lilac's sister is actally still alive, but Lilac has yet to find out.

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