Loopdeloop is a young Pegasus living in Cloudsdale, though she spends most of her time in Ponyville with her best friend Hotcakes. She is an agile Pegasus who calmly and elegantly soars through the air. She is very good at performing tricks and loves to fly and try out tricks during the nighttime.

Loopdeloop is a light purple Pegasus with green eyes. She has a black mane and her cutie mark is a gust of wind with two stars.

She one day wants to fly with Princess Luna in the night skies of Canterlot and become best friends with her, though on every Nightmare Night, she misses the opportunity to meet her and can become very dissapointed.

Rainbow Dash often shows off to 'teach' her some tricks during the day, but Loopdeloop doubts they will be very good during the night.

Loopdeloop started the campaign for the Nightfall Flyers Festival, a proposed event for the longest night of the year where Pegasi can fly freely in the night sky infront of a large audience of Ponies and Unicorns. (with Princess Luna as a special guest)

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