"Be that as it may, you each have your own fatal flaws. Though you are immune to the others, you must beware your bane." - Lord, shortly before The Fourteen.

"It is impossible for a full cleanse. Because of this, we should at least do the best we can."
Kind Earth Pony
Gender Male
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Eyes Blue
Mane Sky blue
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Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Coat Pale blue
Cutie Mark Symbol of Mars


Lord is a slender Earth Pony. He is a pale sky blue with a bright sky blue mane. His eyes are a dark sea blue and his cutie mark is the symbol for Mars, a circle with an arrow sticking from it.



Lady - Wife

Patience - Adopted daughter

Humility - Adopted son

Charity - Adopted son

Kindness - Adopted daughter

Dilligence - Adopted son

Sacrifice - Adopted daughter


  • He and Lady combined are the Virtue of Purity

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