Lord Icysky
Lord Icysky OC
Created by Intrudgero98
Species/kind Pegasi
Gender Male
More info
Occupation Head of Cloudsale
Surrvior of Icysky Clan
Eyes Strong turquoise
Mane Strong olive
Coat Brilliant cerulean

Jebediah High-reaching Alexis von Alexander von Icysky the Third Baron of Cloudsdale, known as Lord Icysky, is a rich stallion from Cloudsdale who disapproves of "outrageous tom-foolery" and is consort of Lady Icysky.


Lord Icysky is strict and fun-hating. He hates "commoners" and all he does is work. Lord Icysky never laughs and is always rude to everyone he views as "inferiors". He even goes as far as to insult Princess Celestia behind her back.


Lord Icysky is an experienced killjoy and excelent flier (though he prefers walking since he believes flying without purpose to be "a waste of good resources").


Lord Icysky is the sole survivor of the Icysky Clan, an ancient family which go back to the founding of Cloudsdale and before that. He was granted a title by Celestia and is the de facto head of Cloudsdale.

Rainbow Dash and Lord Icysky first met before the fall of Nightmare Moon. Not much is known about these early interactions as Lordy Icysky prefers to keep them secret.


Lady Icysky -

Rainbow Dash -



  • "Young ruffians!"

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