Kind Pegasus - Evolved
Gender Female
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Occupation Lord Protector to Princess Luna
Eyes Dark aqua
Mane Silver and Blue
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Coat White
Cutie Mark Tribal Symbol
Lullaby is a pegasus born in Ponyville and is the second child of Downbeat and Lightblade.


Not necessarily reserved, but tending to keep to herself, Lullaby is quiet in nature, but is more than capable of advocating for herself. She is very kind and caring but is quick to show others she's not a pushover, as she will prove herself stronger and more skilled than others if she needs to. She is quick and precise in her actions, normally ending conflicts in a few quick strikes of her short blade instead of prolonging battles. She shares her mother's love for music, and can be caught humming certain melodies of her own making, or her mother's, as well as her family lullaby.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like her brother and sister, Lullaby has an immense amount of magical power and hightened physical ability. Although she is blind, she sees using her other senses as well as her magic, to the point where she can percieve more about her surroundings than anybody who sees normally. She is able to read books by detecting the way light behaves around the page.

Silent ShiftEdit

She has inherited her father's Shift ability, becoming Silent Shift, allowing her to quickly move around at near teleportation speed with absolute silence.

Disruption FieldEdit

Her signature power is a technique named Disruption Field. It is a powerful field of warped space-time that produces an impenetrable shield than can also be used for limited offense. However, if overused it can cause Lullaby to become extremely weak temporarily. This can also happen when something extremely powerful hits the barrier, as Lullaby's power is constantly expended to counter the energy of an attack, which can quickly drain her of her magic.

Incomplete BerserkEdit

Lullaby has a dormant dark side, inheriting part of Lightblade's Berserk. She will take on a dark personality that can quickly turn extremely violent and maniacal. Lullaby's body will not stand up to the pressure of the powerful magic gained during this state and she will eventually pass out if in the state for too long, however the time limit for this is variable, ranging anywhere from 10 seconds to half an hour. During this mode, her eyes turn a blood red, and she gains eyesight, which hightens her spacial awareness even more, giving her nearly clairvoyant reaction time. Her mane and tail become gray and red, and her powers and abilities are hightened exponentially. This is the only advanced form she possesses, and it can only be activated when under extreme stress or trauma. She will never have any memory of what happens during this state. However, Lullaby did not inherit Light's killing instinct, and this form is therefore considered an incomplete Berserk.


Lightblade - Father

Downbeat - Mother

Aero Blitz - Brother

Light Crescendo - Sister

Shiden - Pet/Best friend

Sharp - Aunt

Flat - Uncle

Soft Aria - Cousin

Arpeggio - Grandmother

Quicksilver - Grandfather (Deceased)


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