Kind Bicorn
Gender Female
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Eyes Red
Mane Purple
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Coat Gray
Cutie Mark None
Lumina is a young Natural Bicorn Evolved.


Outcast by her own family when they figured out she was an Evolved, Lumina has lived on her own since the age of 2, surviving only on her instincts and slowly developing powers. She had nobody to depend on other than her wolf companion, Repede, and no home to go to, simply wandering around the world aimlessly. She is eventually found by Lightblade at the age of 5, who would go on to take care of her.


Originally almost catatonic, not speaking to anyone and not trusting anyone, simply living off her instincts, once taken in by Light she begins to exhibit caring and selflessness. She begins to take after her pseudo-father, taking on traits of his personality by observing his actions and decisions. She is very impressionable from him, seeing Light as a guide to what is right and what is wrong. She doesn't want to fight, but will if she needs to.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

A young Natural Evolved, she still exhibits high levels of magical and physical ability despite her young age. This, coupled with the fact she is a Bicorn, and extremely rare race, make her exceptionally powerful in terms of magic output.

Her signature ability is Bend Time, allowing her to manipulate time to stop or slow down time, but not reverse it or speed it up. At her young age, however, she is not able to control it properly.

Her sub-signature ability is her Energy Dispersion Field, a barrier around her that neutralizes any energy based object within a certain radius, and dispelling any kind of magical abilities. Only physical objects can pass through the barrier and in turn bring harm to her, allowing her to fight at long range without fear of retaliation. This field is kept up subconsciously, all the time, even when asleep, and requires next to no energy to maintain.


Lightblade - Foster father

Repede - Best friend

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