Luna Drop is the daughter of Princess Luna and Silver Guard and sister to Luna Flake and Lunar Fang

Luna Drop
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"I hope to be as great as my aunt one day."
Kind Alicorn
Gender Female
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Eyes Cyan
Mane dark blue with Mystic blue streaks
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Coat Pale indigo
Cutie Mark a rain drop behind a cresent moon it represents her abillity to control the weather as well as her connection to her mother


Luna Drop is a sweet and kind pony with an adventuress streak to her which is creates no amount of trouble for her father. She has a love of nature and loves to relax in the forest.


She is coloured very similarly to her mother Luna thought of lighter shades her hair is styled very similar to her mothers and she has two small golden band with sapphires in the centre gifted to her from Rarity on her third birthday on her hooves.


Luna drop was born 2 years after the wedding of Shining Armor and Princess Candice to princess Luna and silver guard along with her sister Luna Flake.

On her third birth day she gained her cutie mark after making it rain with her magic

Fast forward 4 years and Luna Drop currently studies under Twilight Sparkle on how to control her magic better.

Rencently she has been spending alot of time with her brother.



Princess Luna

Luna Drop cares deeply for her mother and spends most of her free time with Luna. Luna Drop is the only pony that her mother talks to in a soft voice.

Silver guard

Thought he can be stern Luna Drop loves her father all the same. She will normally visit her father when he's working with shining armor around the castle

Luna Flake

They both share an unbrakable bond since there twins though Luna Flakes more restrianed attitude sometimes clashes with her adventures nature

Lunar Fang

Luna drop was overjoyed about gaining a older brother she tends to faun over him alot and is a little over-protective.

Princess Celestia

Luna drop and her Aunt Celestia have a great relationship. Celestia sometimes teaches her about royal matters as well as about how to and not too use her magic

The mane six

Twilight Sparkle

Luna Drop looks up to Twilight as a big sister instead of her teacher so much so that she will go out of her way to not cause trouble for Twilght. Twilight treats her as her little sister and tries totech her in ways she know Luna Drop will responed well to.

Rainbow Dash

Luna Drop has a complicated realtionship with Rainbow Dash. While they get on well together Luna Drop or little Lu as Rainbow Dash calls her knows that she annoys Rainbow Dash with the amount of work she makes for her


Luna Drop loves spending time with Fluttershy in the Forest watching nature so much so that she will sometimes forget to tell anyone where she's going


Luna Drops like hanging around Rarity's shop as the clothes Rarity makes astonish her. Luna Drop deeply treasures the golden armbands rarity made for her


Luna Drop is gifted with tremendous magical energy thanks to her royal heritage.

Magical abillites

Weather control

Luna drop has the ability to affect the weather though at the moment she can only make it rain

Physical abilltes


As an alicorn Luna Drop can fly she is and excelent acrobat in the sky though this is because she ignores he studies to practice