Luna Flake is the daughter of Princess Luna and Silver Guard and sister to Luna Drop and her brother Lunar Fang.

Luna Flake
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like snowflakes everypony is different
Kind Alicorn
Gender female
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Eyes orange
Mane crimson with red streaks
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Coat white
Cutie Mark a snowflake with a moon in the middle its shows her connection to luna as well as her power to control the weather mainly to make it snow


Luna Flake is very quite and reseved keeping to herself though she enjoys interacting with others she loves to study and read though her personlaity can sometimes annoy her more adventuress sister.

She tends to listen more to her elders than her sister does thought she cant help but follow her own adventuress urges


Luna Flake is coloured more like her father having a white coat and and red hair thought she has red streaks tought hers she is slightly shorter than her sister though not by much she keeps her hair short. she always wears a set of silver bands with a ruby in the centre that were gifted to her on her 3rd birthday.


Luna Flake was born 2 years af ther the wedding of shining armor and princess cadance along with her twin-sister Luna Drop.

She gained her cutie mark on the same days as her sister by making it snow after the rain had stopped

Fast forward 4 years and she helps her aunt with duties as she has better of control over her magic than her sister.

She spend little time with her older brother as she tend to focus more on her studies



Princess Luna

Luna Flake has a close bond with her mother so much so that Luna always talks to Luna Flake in a soft tone. when it comes to royal events Luna Flake will normally be found with her mother

Silver guard

Luna Flake is always with her father in their free time be it reading or practicing the energy construct which she learned from him it is in no doubt that the two share a close bond

Luna Drop

Luna Flake loves her sister deeply though the two will but heads occationaly over things the two get on well though Luna Flake can be a bit bossy at time since she trys to keep Luna Drop in check

Lunar Fang

She love her older brother to bits but fails to see him much because of her studies

Princess celestia

Celestia loves having Luna Flake around as she can be a big help around the castle helping mainly help celatia with many of the things she does during the day


Just like her sister Luna Flake is gifted with tremendous magical energy thanks to her royal heratige

magical abillites

weather control

while better at using her magic than Luna Drp Luna FLake can still only make it snow with her magic

energy constructs

Luna flake learn from he father how to use this though all she can make is a simple sword right now

Physical abillites


Luna Flake has very little skill in the air speading more times on her studies than on her flying