Lunar Fang is the son of Queen Chrysalis and Silver Guard as well as the Half brother to Luna Drop and Luna Flake

Lunar Fang
Lunar fang 2
Kind alicorn
Gender male
Residence {{{residence}}}
Occupation Training to be a royal guard
Eyes navy green
Mane navy blue
Nicknames {{{nicknames}}}
Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Coat white
Cutie Mark unable to get one like his mother


Lunar Fang is the son of Silver Guard who was tricked in having a child with Queen Chrysalis who at the time was impersonating Luna. After Silver Guard to his horror finds this out he attacks and fights of chrysalis. This was back when Silver was still trying to find a way to save Luna

The child that would be Lunar fang was born but instead of being a loyal servent he rebeled against his mother and fled. Now move foward to more recent times and he has found his way to Canterlot looking for his father and has since took to training to become a royal guard so he can fight beside his father


Lunar Fang has his fathers white coat and his mothers eyes and mane but styles his hair to look like his father


Trying to earn the respect of his father Lunar Fang acts honorable at all times but tends to focus to much on earning his fathers appreceation than on the task at hand

He tends get easily aggrivated if people call him a changling



Silver Guard

Lunar Fang adores Silver guard and his every act is done in an attempt to become more like him

Queen Chrysalis

Lunar Fang detests his mother in every way

Princess Luna

Lunar Fang treats Luna with the ultmost respect in no small part to her treating him as her son and not some outsider or a monster.

Luna drop and Luna Flake

Lunar Fang loves his sisters and would gladly give up his life to protect them 



Being an alicorn Lunar fang has a number of magical abillites

Shape shifting

Thought he detests using it Lunar fang has the abillity to change his shape

Energy constructs

Lunar Guard cherishes this Abillity as it was taught to him by Silver guard on his birthday and was the first gift his father had ever given him. Right now he has learnt sword of Canterlot and has his own version of Luna excalibur he calls Silver Excaliber


"let me make this very clear to you Chrysalis i hate you for everything you put my father through he loves luna and you used that love for you own selfish desires so let me make this very clear to you I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN AND NEVER TRY TO HARM OR COME NEAR MY SISTERS OR ILL END YOU" Lunar Fang making it very clear how he feels

"you honor me lady luna uh i mean mother" Lunar Fangs response after being praised by his step mother 

"huh huh huh STAY AWAY FROM MY SISTERS" Lunar Fang defending his sisters 

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