Lush Denim (Formerly known as Louis Robinson) is an alicorn stallion living in Ponyville. Before he was an alicorn he was a unicorn.

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Louis MLP

Lush's Appearance


Lush Denim represents the element of friendship. He is brave, spirited and competitive. In the other ponies' perspectives, they view Lush as heroic and a friendly person to be around.


Lush traveled to Ponyville and meet everybody at the same time. Louis seemed to have a little interest in Fluttershy right away. When Rarity started to compliment Lush out of no where (posibly to date), he felt uncomforatable. His main goal is to become friends with everypony.

Later on, Lush defeated the evil Dr. Egg Head. He was ponyville's hero and had a huge crown with a diamond on it representing friendship.

Later on, Lush told his friends stories from his home planet.



Fluttershy has a crush on Lush as he does on her. The two are both shy to admit it but act like great friends to each other. Fluttershy later starts to date Lush.

Crystal TreetopEdit

Crystal and Lush are best friends. The two hang out very often. According to Crystal, Lush is an amazing person and help to the town. Lush already knew Crystal from his world.

Twilight SparkleEdit

Twilight is Lush' best friend. The two are both interested in magic and learn from each other different spells. They are the heroic duo accoring to the mayor.


Lush and Applejack are great friends. Lush usually helps her around the apple orchard and her duties. According to Applejack, Lush is a great helper.


Ever since Lush moved to Ponyville Rarity had an unhealhy obsession with Lush. In his point of view, Rarity is a bit weird.

Rainbow DashEdit

According to Rainbow Dash, Lush is one of the only good racing opponents.

Pinkie PieEdit

Lush and Pinkie are good friends. They don't interact a lot but they she finds him a good friend.


Louis studied magic with Princess Twilight and started to learn spells to defeat opponets such as Trixie. Louis also is very fast. If he competes in a competition. He uses a magic spell to remove his horn so he can't cheat.

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