Mango Trees is the loving Unicorn wife of Sapwood and mother of Maple Syrup, Pinesap, and Leafy Greens.
Mango Tango


Mango Trees gave birth and raised her twin children, Maple Syrup and Leafy Greens with Sapwood in Ponyville. Two years after the twins were born, she gave birth to Pinesap. They moved to Fillydelphia when Pinesap grew gravely ill, hearing there was a cure. They had no luck, and moved back to Ponyville. One day, her daughter Maple Syrup found a small, orange-colored herb called peppersnap. She watched as Pinesap gobbled it up, complaining about the aftertaste. 3 years later, Sapwood mysteriously died. They now live in Manehattan.

Gender      Female

                                                                         Eyes         Tangerine

                                                                         Mane        Orange with Peach Streaks

                                                                         Coat         Tangerine

                                                                 Cutie Mark        Mango                                                                                                                        

Poison JokedEdit

Poison Joked Mango Tango

Poison Joke Effect: Agebent

                       One night, Mango Trees found a beautiful blue flower in the Everfree Forest. She took it home and placed it in a vase on her nightstand. The next morning, Mango felt strange, so she decided to look in the mirror. When she got out of bed, she felt shorter. She looked in the mirror and noticed that she was turned into a filly! She went to Zecora and took the bubble bath. Zecora asked if she had found a blue flower in the forest and Mango said yes. Zecora told her that the flower was a Poison Joke. Mango got rid of the flower and tossed it into the forest. She wore special gloves so she wouldn't become a filly again.
Cured and Happy Mango Tango

Mango Trees cured from Poison Joke.


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