Mare do well by tim burton by lightdegel-d5lpu0j

Mare-Do-Well year one is the first fanfic in my series.

Prologue-Pay Day: The Bit Heist

Its a peaceful day in Canterlot City. Not a problem is to be seen in miles arround, and the sky is as clear as a lake. In an instant, this image of peace is shattered by wailing sirens, and bolts of magic being fired form inside the castel. Four maksed ponies run out of the front carrieing largs sacks full of bits. Several members of the royal guard are in hot persuit, the unicorns fireing bolts of magic. The masked ponies bolt down a sewer hole, and split up along the tunnels, as to throw off the guards. They manage to lose the guards in the large plumbing system and all run off, all with a destination in mind. In the end, the robbery was a sucess.

Chapter One: Mare-Do-Well Begins