Minor Character's In the mare-do-well stories.

Secret ServiceEdit


One Hell of a Butler

Secret Service is MidnightStar 's butler. A former member of the royal guard, marcus is very skilled in combat and detective work. Often helps out Mare-Do-Well.



"Just Rub 'Em Out,Ya Know?"

Alcapony is a short squat pony who is in charge of the Capony Mafia Family. His CutieMark is the Kanji for "Alchahol". He was the one who orchastrated the Bit Heist.


  • Alcapony is based off of the real life gangster named Alphnoese "Al" Capone.
  • Secret Service is based on Alfred Pennyworth from Batman:Earth one, aswell as Watari from Deathnote, Walter from Hellsing Ultimate, and Sebastion from Black Butler.
  • Secret Service's image was not made by me. I found it on google images. Credit to original artist.

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