Marigold is a teenage dragon who lives with Tiger Lilly and Dandylion. She sees herself as a role model for Spike, but is unaware he has no interest in being like his feral kind. She also often tries to tell Rarity of Spike's crush.

Marigold "Mary" Pollenscale
Gender Female
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Occupation Guard
Eyes Blue
Mane Yellow frill and spine
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Coat Red and Orange scales
Cutie Mark None


Marigold, or Mary, is about the height of Celestia when sitting down. She has bright red scales with a pale orange underbelly and frill, and a yellow crest. She has bright blue eyes and usually has a smug look on her face.


She was the daughter of the dragon that Spike had disturbed, but ran away as soon as she turned teen. Tiger Lilly and Dandylion agreed to let her live with them after they found her unconcious, as long as she guarded the vegetable patch where they kept their prize-winning vegetables. She still lives there, but often visits her father if she's in the mood. She sometimes hypnotizes ponies for fun by singing, but doesn't make them do anything really bad.


  • Invisibility
  • Super Speed
  • Hypnotizing Singing


"I'm outta here. Being in this cave is dull." - Leaving her father

"Hey Rarity! Spike has something he wants to say!" - Trying to force Spike to tell Rarity he likes her

"Listen, squirt. Don't mess with a dragon who's known for her TEMPER." - Warning Spike after he annoys her


  • She gained her last name because her frills expand like crazy when pollen irritates her