Marisa Ariel Dempsey
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Marisa Dempsey the Earth Pony
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Eyes Moderate magenta
Coat Dark gray
Cutie Mark A7X
Relatives Wonder Muffin(Sister), Seargent Dempsey(Father)

'"I hope there will be a day when chickens can peacefully cross the road without being questioned of doing so! Wait... Does that make sence?"

- Marisa Dempsey, lecturing her father after him telling a Chicken Joke.


The Following Fan-Character is an Earth Pony with a history that can be familiar to some bronies that play Call of Duty: Zombies (Read her History). Be Warned that her father is part of the game.

Marisa Ariel Dempsey, mainly known as Marisa, is a purple maned Earth Pony with an odd history and eventful personality. Being one of the friendliest ponies in Ponyville, she currently lives with her father, Tank Dempsey, and her sister, Wonder Muffin, in a small house near the Carousel Boutique. She has a mild hyper personality and patient attitude. She becomes friends with every pony who lives near, sometimes even the most quiet ponies.

Marisa is one of the most unique ponies in Ponyville. Being differently "programmed" than everyone else, she claims that "Growing old is Manditory. Growing Up is Optional." and always jumps around to join in any fun activity that comes around.

Trading Card Caption

"This purple pony is not afraid to get stuck in the mist of adventure. The main leader of her pack, she is the happiest one to keep all of the ponies going! And when things go down in the dumps, this crazy mare is sure to turn everything to the sky again!"

Life Story

My Little Pony: Marisa Adventures Storyline

Believe it or not, Marisa was not born in a modern date. She was surprisely born on August 15th, 1944. Her father, a soldier part of the world war against zombies and psychopaths, named Tank Dempsey was with his unknown wife when she was pregnant. In Der Riese, Marisa's birthplace, When Equestria rained havoc of a serious virus that took out half of the land, Dempsey needed to keep his wife and all of his teammates protected (Even though he did not care about them) who were Edward Richtofen, Nikolai Belinski, and Takeo Masaki. Richtofen, needing to suffer helping Dempsey's wife having the foals, told Dempsey about a neartime machine that drew close to them. When the two foals were born, Dempsey had named the one "Marisa" while Richtofen,

over-proud of himself, named the other "Wonder Muffin", who is still Marisa's sister today in Ponyville. Dempsey's wife, then died and had been eaten by the zombies, meaning Dempsey had only the option to send Marisa and Wonder Muffin to the future in the Time Machine. An hour after the death of the adult mare, Dempsey galloped away with both foals to the Time machine, and had sent her in June of 2011.

Marisa had reappeared in Ponyville around our time, and was taken in by a friendly wife and husband. From there she had grown up to be old enough to go to school. She soon became a teenager when both her step-parents died and dissapeared mysteriously after. By then, she decided to live alone when she became friends withBrutal "Chii" Essin, a friendly and understanding Brown Maned Unicorn with a well sence of humor. They all currently hang out in the enviornment of Ponyville as well as all of her other friends and enjoy their adventures together.

Hard to Believe; Storyline

However, in the Storyline of the Hard to Believe series, Marisa had started finding out that her dreams had been sending links about her father, giving her information on him. Marisa, being horribly confused, finally decided to look for a way to find her father once again.

She finally adventured into the Time Machine with Chii to find Marisa's father. From there on, they took very many adventures inside the magic of the machine. Right after Marisa and her father had adventured back into the Time Machine to solve a mission the next year, Chii had instantly died of a glitch in the system. Right after the horribly scene, Marisa then refused to eat anything and hoped she would starve. Her father, being devistated of this act, ask Doctor Richtofen who was with them, to use whatever he can to preform surgery on Erasing her memory for good. After the settlement, Marisa had no idea what was going on and had no idea who anyone was, Not even her boyfriend Apathy Honorheart. They all returned back to the future in Ponyville. During the few days of her memory erased head, Marisa didn't go back to her high school in 3 weeks due to this incident. After going back, Apathy, Now knowing that his own girlfriend hadn't remembered him anymore, was completly heartbroken, and swore that he would never love again. After those weeks passed by, Marisa, became really confused about her life.

She now lives with her father Dempsey, and her second step-father Richtofen, and she now goes to high school once again with minor problems. Going back to school, her other friends tend to question her about Chii and Apathy. Marisa however does not know.


Marisa Dempsey has many friends in the town of Ponyville.

Brutal "Chii " Essin - Chii is Marisa's best friend throughout her years in Ponyville that she has lived in. Knowing each other since young filly age, and continuing on so, they both go onto continous adventures together. There has been a small theory that Marisa has crushed on Chii before Apathy came to Ponyville, but this is still in question.

James InfaRed - Marisa has both dispized and feared James ever since the day of their meet. James had always crushed on Marisa and had always tried to impress her with his evil power, which he did not know that scared Marisa even more. He still tries to win Marisa his heart, but however continues to fail.

Seargent "Tank" Dempsey- Marisa is the known daughter of Seargent Dempsey, and is also her best friend. He had traveled through the Time Machine to keep Marisa alive from the past of 1944, and still living with Marisa he continues to travel with her by his side.

Doctor Edward Richtofen - Marisa has been a close friend with Richtofen for a very long while. Him being her now second father in the story series Hard to Believe, he continues to cause trouble in Ponyville, but has had more friends with him, especially Marisa.

Favorite Music and Songs

Even though Marisa's personality and attitude is free-minded and happy, her taste in music is a big difference. (She gets her taste in music from her father.)

  • Abracadavre, Pareidolia, 115, The One - Elena Siegman & Kevin Sherwood
  • Lies, Blind, Love and Luxary, Last Legal Drug, Kick the P.A. - KoRn
  • I Won't See You Tonight Pt. 1 and 2, A Little Piece of Heaven, Eternal Rest - Avenged Sevenfold
  • Innocence, The Animal, Voices, Land of Confusion - Disturbed
  • The Unforgiven I II and III, Ride the Lightning, Cyanide, So What?, Sad but True - Metallica


  • "Rainbow Dash, I don't want you to think I'm hating or anything, but I have one question. Why did you tell Scootaloo you don't like ponies snoring in your camping tent when you lye there and Whinny'd across the entire cave almost keeping me up all night?"- Marisa starting a new conversation with Rainbow Dash at their Camping trip.
  • "Chii, I don't think you had stitches, a bent unicorn horn, a cyborg eye, and a robotic engine for a heart the last time I saw you."' - Marisa in the story "PTSD" seeing Pain 5067 Essin.
  •  "Hey Dad! Drop the chips and get me some ammo! Wait, That's your line. Oh well!"'' - Marisa with Seargent Dempsey in Kino Der Toten working their way to Ascension.
  • "No! I don't want to go to Medic! Who knows what he'll do to me during surgery! I want Richtofen! Please?" - Marisa talking to Edward Richtofen on Moon.
  • "He can call me ridiculous, he can call me immature, but the one thing he cannot tell me is that I was given as a burden." - A quote from Marisa Dempsey in the Der Riese Radio
  • "If you really love them, set them free. If they return, you were ment to be." - Marisa

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