Mayflower is a spry little Pegasus Pony who races others. She wishes to win a racing tounrament at Cloudsdale, but her parents restricted her for a time after she crashed into a few ponies. She is also a member of the Palm Trees.

Gender Female
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Eyes Red
Mane Dark Magenta
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Coat Mint Green
Cutie Mark Bright blue wildflower


Mayflower is a bright mint green pegasus. She has a long dark magenta mane and red eyes, and her cutie mark is a bright blue wildflower.


She often startles other ponies with storm clouds.


April Showers - Mother

Spring Greens - Father

Tiger Lilly - Sister

Dandylion - Sister

Gumball Goof - Half Brother


  • "Aha! That Chroma Dome probably can't make even a little sonic pop!" - Dissing Rainbow Dash at flight school
  • "Well, might as well give me the medal now. Because I don't see any copetition for it." - Taunting Dash before a race
  • "Wait, WHAT? But! I'm faster than her! You saw those Sonic Booms the other day!" - Fussing when she lost