Kind Pegasus
Gender Female
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Occupation Librarian
Eyes Light Blue
Mane Silver and Pink
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Coat White
Cutie Mark Triquetra
Hunting down the rarest books in the world is always a good adventure.


Melody is a pegasus pony born in Cloudsdale, who is the daughter of Winter Falls and Storm and is Lightblade's younger sister by about year.

Early LifeEdit

Melody was an unusual pony in her filly years. While other ponies her age would play outside and such, she always stayed inside to read various books her mother had. Due to this, Melody learned how to read very fluently at a very early age, however, a drawback was that she wasn't much of a flier. Melody hadn't even tried to unfurl her wings until her first day at flight school. However she was extremely intelligent and always thought of things in a large perspective, and could think down to the tiniest detail to solve any problem. She had few friends since she stayed inside nearly all the time, but she always had her brother to play with if she ever wanted to go outside.

Flight SchoolEdit

When Melody first went to Flight School, she had a hard time fitting in. While her brother was flying through the sky performing incredible stunts, she was struggling just to get off the ground. It took her a few weeks to learn how to fly. After she learned how to fly, she began making new friends, although she was bullied much of the time, Light always stood up for her and made sure she was okay. By the end of her time at Flight School, Melody was a fluent flier, although she prefered to stay on the ground. Melody graduated a year after Light did.

Melody LibraryEdit

After a few years out of Flight School, Melody decided to put her love of books to good use, and began a library. Light performed most of the construction of a small building filled with less than a hundred books, but the books were rare, and ponies began to look into her library. Soon, Melody had gained enough money to expand the library, and after just a year, with some very excellent business strategies, she owned the biggest premier library in Equestria, right next to the Royal Library of Canterlot. The library houses a couple thousand books, much of the books in the library are rare beyond comparison.




Melody is kind-hearted and sometimes shy. She is usually secluded with her books but sometimes goes out for walks with friends and socializes with the rest of Ponyville. Melody loves to read, and hours upon hours are spent in her room reading ancient books, or out in the world searching for them to add to her library. She oftentimes calls upon her brother's help to get scripts that are in dangerous areas.

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