Kind Earth Pony
Gender Male
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Eyes Yellow
Mane Gray and Dark Blue
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Coat Black
Cutie Mark Rapier
War is a cruel parent, but an effective teacher. In the end, only the strongest will survive.

—Mephisto to Aero Blitz

Mephisto is a cold and calculating Earth Pony Evolved.


Born as the son of a foreign warlord, Mephisto was taught extensively in the ways of war and tactics, and at an early age he could command entire battles flawlessly. In order to enhance his abilities, his father had him augmented to become an Evolved, which exponentially increased his abilities, giving him the power to see into the future and plan out every confrontation with the enemy. After winning countless battles, at the age of 17 Mephisto killed his father, easily escaping to Equestria due to his ability to see into the future, and leaving his own country to die off. He now plans to be the commander of an army of Artificial Evolved to take over Equestria.


Although rarely used, Mephisto possesses hightened physical abilities, but only minimal magical abilities. His strength lies in his unnatural intellect and his signature abilitiy of Clairvoyance, allowing him to see into the future and plan out absolutely everything with the most precise detail. This can make him a very deadly opponent as the only way to hurt him would be to catch him off guard, a near impossible feat.

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