Mercy is a quiet unicorn and a former Alliance member. She is the sister of Brutality.

Double Take "Mercy"
Kind Unicorn
Gender Female
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Occupation Former Alliance member

Negotiator of Canterlot Castle's troops

Eyes Red
Mane Blue
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Coat White
Cutie Mark Key


Mercy is a pure white unicorn pony with a short blue main and tail. She has bright red eyes and sometimes wears golden armore from when she was an Alliance member, preferring it over the Canterlot Guard's standard armor. Her cutie mark is a golden key.


Mercy is always willing to listen to the stories of other ponies. If she thinks they are telling the truth, she will give them a second chance, but if she thinks they are lying, she will leave them to her brother.

Though she is calm and tends to be a mediator, she can have a rough side. She will not tolerate lying and will even attack a pony that has been lying to her for a long time.


Mercy was born in Cloudsdale with her brother. She was named Double Take and often had to calm her brother down. She moved to Canterlot, but was then kidnapped by the Alliance.

While they fused her brother's armor, they let Mercy put it on and off freely, saying that she needed no further programming. She worked as a negotiator for the group, speaking to other groups of ponies under the Alliance's guise of being a simple assortment of troops from other parts of the pony world.

When the Skyrockets defeated the Alliance and forced the group to disband, Mercy moved back to Canterlot. She kept her armor as a keepsake. A few weeks later she found Brutality on her doorstep, wounds still fresh. Resisting the urge to faint from her hemophobia, she called the hospital.

After Brutality was stable, Mercy joined the Canterlot Guard and became one of the head negotiators. She didn't like the standard armor and decided to use her own from when she was a member of the Alliance. Because of this, it is easy to distinguish her from other armored knights.


Lie Detector

One of Mercy's two special abilities. She is able to detect the vital signs of ponies and use them to determine if they are lying or not. This is a passive ability--She is always aware of the vital signs, but will only be alerted when they change drastically.


The second of Mercy's two special abilities. She can calm down hostile ponies and even break up large fights. She can only do this if the pony doesn't really want to fight in the first place, however.


Mercy has basic healing abilities. She can heal most wounds, but shouldn't be depended on when a pony is near death.

Mood Reader

Another passive ability. She can detect the mood of some ponies to see if they are truly hostile or just defending themselves.


Brutality - Brother

Unnamed father

Unnamed mother


  • Though she has decent healing abilities, she is hemophobic and will faint at the sight of large quantities of blood.