Mezzo Forte is an uppity Unicorn pony and sister of Trixie. She is a daughter of Houdini and Piantissimo.

Mesolina Forte
You'll pay for what you did to my sister, Twilight!
Gender Female
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Eyes Green
Mane Aquamarine
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Coat Cadet Blue
Cutie Mark Trebel Clef



Older sister of The Great and Powerful Trixie, she taught her sister some illusions and simple spells, hoping it would peak an interest in stage magic. Soon, her sister performed for the very first time at the Fillydelphia Talent Show, but only won second place.

Later, they moved to Ponyville so Trixie could practice and try again later. Trixie ended up letting her abilities go to her head, and got humiliated and told off by Twilight. Mezzo quickly grew outraged, and swore to get back at the Unicorn that ruined her little sister's chance.

Soon, she, Raven, and her father entered Ponyville after about a week of seclusion. They planned to get their revenge on Twilight.


Piantissimo - Mother

Houdini - Father

Trixie - Sister

Raven - Henchpony


  • "I want her to be awake for this." - ???
  • "Really? You don't remember how you HUMILIATED my little sister?" - ???


  • Her father sometimes helps her with things