Midnight Shatter
Midnight Shatter
"Hagamos este."
Gender Male
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Occupation Apprentice of Prince Audacio,

Throne Angels leader, former poet and artist

Eyes Blue
Mane Dark navy, Blue, and Cyan
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Coat Bluish silver
Cutie Mark Tribal cross with four stars
Midnight Shatter is a unicorn pony.



Midnight was born in Ponyville. His parents, loved him so much and took care of him. He was very playful and has many playmates. He firstly learned the Blink, while he was playing tag with other colts, he suddenly activated the skill, and tags other ponies. Though he can't activate the skill again, and didn't remembered how he did it. He gained more respect from other younger fillies and colts, while colts his age are jealous at him.

Losing his parentsEdit


One day, when Midnight was walking around, he heard a few of his playmates talking about a gang of five ponies dressed in red. He joins the conversation, one of them said that he saw one of them holding a balisong, another one added that they were playing cards in an alley while drinking. A filly approached Midnight and tells him that five ponies came to his house. Midnight, shocked, ran home as fast as he could. When he got home, his parents were gone, his home was vandalized, sprayed with red colored graffiti. He was heartbroken, his parents' were kidnapped and murdered. He ran away from home. Days passed by since he lost his mother and father. He was found lying in the streets by Destiny, a widow, who took him to an orphanage.

New lifeEdit

He has a new life in his new home. Midnight met Desperado, an earth pony, and they become fast friends. Midnight keeps in contact with Destiny, who is a motherly figure to him.

Attending Ponyville SchoolEdit

Midnight and Desperado were enrolled to school. Midnight has great talents of art, and is good at painting. He got many high grades, and was first honor in school. He was bullied by other colts, both physically and verbally. The bullies, who know magic, humiliated Midnight many times.

Revenge against the bullies and graduationEdit

Midnight's bullies had gone too far when one of them insulted Midnight for having no parents and he deserves it, making Midnight snap, and challanges the bully into a fight. Desperado, who was worried that Midnight hadn't mastered the Blink. Midnight spent his night mastering the ability. When the next day, the bully, also a unicorn pony, overpowers Midnight because he cannot activate the skill in time, and his opponent can hurl rocks at him via Telekinesis. Midnight, enraged, gains power and dodges the bullies attacks with Blink and punches him in the jaw with his hoof. Midnight won, and the bullies are now afraid of him. He and Desperado graduated from school and are respected by the faculty and their classmates.


Midnight is kind and positive. He sees every ponies he meet as friends. Though he doesn't talk much and only does when needed to. But he shows a slight complete hyperactivity when talking to his friends. He likes to learn about many things. Spells, magic, skills, and other stuff, and has a library and great collection of books in his penthouse and reads alot. Midnight also has great sense of humor, and sometimes, joins the laughter and make additional lines at the moment. He's also a quick-thinker, when fighting or in the middle of a fight, he can outsmart his enemies by examining the environment, testing his enemies, and then suddenly attacking from the unexpected side. He kills when needed to, but isn't happy about it and sometimes, tries to only get an enemy knocked out instead of completely destroying it or executing it. He is very close to his friends, and cares about them and doesn't like seeing them unhappy.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Close CombatEdit

Midnight is very dangerous when close-up. He uses his hooves and his horn to fight in close-quarters. He can unleash a fury of hoof strikes and horn drills at enemies.

Brute StrengthEdit

Midnight is intimidatingly strong. He can lift a large boulder, bend aluminum metal, and break through castle walls.

Supersonic SpeedEdit

Midnight can run in great speed. He defeated many Earth ponies, the fastest runners, in races. But is always tying up with Desperado.

Great AgilityEdit

Midnight's agility is very fast and he can dodge bullets.

Magical Abilities and SkillsEdit


Midnight can do quick teleportation in short distances. He uses it to confuse his enemies.

Energy BlastEdit

Using his horn, Midnight can fire blue colored beams.


Midnight can lift objects in great distances with his mind. He also uses this ability in combat in a very creative way, he lifts objects and throws them, or he lifts a very long large object (a pine tree or a telephone pole) and uses it as a batting weapon.


Midnight can only teleport to places he know, and this ability is very limited.

Fire BallEdit

Midnight's horn will glow fire red and he will launch fire balls through his mouth.


Midnight will turn 100% invisible. This ability is limited.

Microwave BeamEdit

Midnight's horn will glow blue and unleashes a burning beam. Sometimes, he will use this beam to bring warmt by reducing the heat to avoid burning anyone.


Midnight can multiply himself in numbers. He uses it as decoys to confuse his enemies.


Just like telekinesis, when his enemies launch projectiles, either bullets, objects, or magic, on him. He will make them fly around him for awhile and launch them back. This ability is very limited.

Energy CoilEdit

Midnight's horn will form a blue glowing tentacle with unlimited length and uses it in combat, either whipping, stabbing, grabbing or throwing.

Counter ShieldEdit

Midnight will be covered in blue aura and anything that lands on him, especially attacks, will be launched back and anyone touches him will be electricuted.

Tender PunchEdit

Midnight's horn will glow blue and one of his hooves will glow blue as well and punches his enemies, sending them flying.

Time ShatterEdit

Everything around Midnight will be in slow motion while he moves in normal speed. In other's point-of-view he moves extremely fast.

Dragoon DrillEdit

Midnight's horn will glow blue and will grow longer and longer and he drills his enemies. Another technique, called the Dragoon Drill Spin, which is thesame method but Midnight spins his body and drills his enemies.

Electric BlurEdit

Midnight's mane and tail will flow like flames and glow blue. He dashes in a blurry motion and incredible speed, knocking back his enemies.

Aura Of HeartEdit

Midnight's most strongest attack. While he's wearing the Element of Power. He will be engulfed with blue aura and giving him the ability to fire a blue sparkling beam that would eliminate anyone with a cold heart. It is only used on evil characters.

Spells and MagicEdit


Midnight will create a 2 loopholes, mostly each are from other locations. And other ponies can walk through the first loophole to the other loophole, just like teleport.


A very deadly and humiliating spell. Midnight will curse another pony, mostly turn them into other disgusting animals like frogs, and will remain like one unless Midnight deactivates it.

Candle HornEdit

Simple. Midnight's horn will lit up like a candle. He can share it to other unicorn ponies, though the light from other ponies' horns will also extinguish if Midnight deactivates his own.


Midnight will turn anything, especially rubbish, into valuable things. Exp: turn normal notebooks into thick encyclopedia books.


Just like Morph. Midnight will deform objects or other ponies into various mishaped figure. Exp: Turn a tree into a shape of a giant throne, and contains a few elements of the tree, like leaves and rough wood. He also used it into other ponies.



Midnight has a horrible childhood, if he remembers it or gets it in his mind, he will sometimes become weaker.

When someone else can do Time ShatterEdit

Battling someone that can also perform Time Shatter is a big problem to Midnight. He will also get confused.

Energy Coil Vs. SnowEdit

Midnight's Energy Coil tentacle is very senstive to low temperature. When it senses cold things, it will become attracted and it will stick, and Midnight will feel pain when deactivating it.

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