Midnight Star
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Created by User:Mistigirl101
Species/kind Alicorn
Gender Female
More info
Residence Courage Castle
Sunnyside Forest (formerly)
Occupation Princess of Courage
Element Of Courage
Eyes Chlorine Blue
Mane Magenta with Lime Green streaks
Coat Light Purple
Cutie mark
a dark blue cloud, covering the bottom of a magenta star

Midnight Star is an alicorn with a magenta mane with lime green streaks, a purple coat, and chlorine blue eyes. She wears a light blue crown with a magenta gem in the middle, which shows that she is the Princess of Courage.


Midnight is ususally nice, but when taken advantage of, she shows that she is stronger than ponies think. She is shy at times and doesn't really like to take the lead, but as her teacher Princess Salmon tells her, " a princess must learn to get out of her comfort zone to show her people that they are protected". She always refers to when she was a young filly, and how she bullied all of the school ponies when she realized that she was strong after she stood p to the biggest bully in her class. She is very loyal to her friends and treats them like family ( since she left behind her real family when she left Sunyside).

Cutie MarkEdit

Her cutiemark is a dark blue cloud, covering the bottom of a magenta star (which resmbles the star that appeared when she was born and that appeared on her tenth birthady at midnight-the time she was born- as soon as she blew out her candles).


She was born in the forest area outside of Equestria, better known as Sunnyside. Her and her family lived in a camp they made, along with a few other families. Midnight never knew that being an alicorn meant that she was a princess, for she grew up outside of Equestria.


Midnight spent a majority of her life not knowing that being an alicorn meant that she was a princess, until she went to Hoofville, seeking the modern princess Salmon's help. She meets five girls on the way to the castle and finds that they had used to be friends, vowing to fix their friendship in return for being her selfless deed. Salmon tells her she must do another selfless deed by keeping the girls together, while trying to retreive seven amulets from Mean Mountain, where magic does'nt work. Princess Salmon sends her new gaurd to go with them.The six other girls teach Midnight different elements of courage while climbing up Mean Mountain. The girls retreive the amulets, but end up falling off a cliff trying to save each other after being chased by the griffin guarding the amulets. They land on a small peice of rock in the cliff which begins to crumble under their weight. But because of Midnight's courage to complete both tasks and the strong bond tha had formed between the girls, the amulets transport them back to the castle. When they arrive, Princess Salmon tells Midnight that because of her courage and the courage shown by her friends, she is to be crowned Princess of Courage.


  • Midnight Star is the second naturally born alicorn in Equestria (other than Princess Flurry Heart)
  • the amulets were created from the alicorn amulet. It was destroyed into seven peices. Princess Salmon wanted them to keep them safe but she allowed the girls to keep them
  • It is law that all alicorns must prove their royalty by performing a selfless deed
  • Twiglight speculates that Midnight is a natural born alicorn because of spare magic from king Sombra's horn flew into Sunnyside

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