Millenia is a hyper and cheerful Flutterpony. She is the sister of Eternity, Century, and Decade.

Millenia Trial
"I hope Flutterponies and Pegasi alike learn a thing or two from you, Lightblade."
Gender Female
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Occupation Peacekeeper of the Sky Ponies
Eyes Blue
Mane Medium Blue
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Coat Pale pink
Cutie Mark Sparkles forming peace sign


Millenia is a small pale pink flutterpony with large transparent wings. She has a medium blue mane that matches her sky blue eyes, and her cutie mark is sparkles shaped like a peace sign.


Born along with Celestia and Luna, Millenia was one of the Canterlot Council members. She remained as such untill Discord took control with his chaotic rule.

Discord quickly turned her into a Flutterpony, Eternity into a seapony, Century into a Unicorn, and Decade into an Earth Pony, sending them to different parts of the land. Millenia found herself high above the clouds, unable to turn herself back to her Alicorn form. She was, however, able to change from Flutterpony wings to Pegasus wings.

Millenia knew Discord's spell was too strong to break, so she said that she would remain the aerial pony peacekeeper, making sure Flutterponies and Pegasi alike didn't have negative feelings about other species.

She sees Lightblade as an excellent role model for the sky ponies.



  • "Elements! Thank Celestia you're here! The flying ponies are going to dive into attack any hour!" - Equestria Unequal