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Mint Chip is an adventurous Earth pony foal and a member of the Flavor family.


Mint Chip is a small mint green foal with bright green eyes. Her mane and tail are chocolate brown, as is the Appaloosa-like pattern on her rear.

Because of her age, Mint Chip hasn't found out what her cutie mark is yet.


Mint Chip is a daring pony, always ready for a new adventurous. She seeks thrills by playing in the Everfree Forest, whether alone or with a few brave friends. She's friendly and always willing to talk and well as play. However Mint Chip has trouble knowing when it's time to stop talking.


The youngest in her family, Mint Chip was born with four older siblings. As soon as she could walk she was everywhere. Her parents could never keep track of her. Her favorite play place soon became the Everfree Forest and whenever she had a free moment she would adventure in its shadowy depths.


Hot Cocoa: father

Caramel Cream: mother

Cookie Dough: sister

Rocky Road: brother

Moosetracks: brother

Oreo: sister


"And then..."

"It's just a forest!"