Miranda McSparkleton
Miranda Mcsparkleton
Created by Mirandafan21
Species/kind Pegasi
Gender Female
More info
Residence Ponyville
Eyes Light brilliant cobalt blue
Mane Moderate raspberry
Coat Moderate violet
Cutie mark
A red heart with an arrow through it
A broken heart (only when she gets upset)

"The names Miranda. Miranda McSparkleton." - Miranda introducing herself to Doctor Whooves.


Miranda is a very sweet, caring, responsible, and kind pony. Ask anyone about her and they'll say she's very loving towards others. Why is that? This is because she is the element of love. It's who she is.
Element of Love

Miranda's Element

Her element doesn't stop her from fighting for her friends! She'll defend them in anyway possible! Miranda may be the element of love but when you get her angry; you better run for the hills. Here's a fun fact: When Miranda gets upset, her cutie mark (Which is a heart with a arrow through it) breaks into a broken heart and an arrow on the ground.

Poor Miranda

Example of Miranda's cutie mark breaking.


Doctor Whooves - Miranda and the Doctor have a "Really good friend" relationship. She first met him when she was patrolling the Night Sky in Ponyville two years after her best friend Meta Stallion (Alias Meta Knight) left. Derpy introduced the Doctor to Miranda, and after introductions, Derpy asked if she could tag along on their adventures in the Tardis. The Doctor was hesistant at first but then he agreed. So the three set off in the Tardis traveling through time and space. She has a bit of a crush on him.

Derpy Hooves - Miranda and Derpy have known eachother since the day Miranda moved to Ponyville! Miranda and Derpy did everything together for a few days but one day, after Winter Wrap Up, Miranda couldn't find Derpy anywhere! (Well, she went with the Doctor on an adventure in the Tardis). And two years later, She found Derpy and Doctor Whooves in Ponyville Stadium. The three (Miranda, Doctor Whooves, and Derpy) now travel in the Tardis through time and space.

Meta Stallion (Meta Knight) - They've known eachother since Miranda was a filly! Meta Stallion has acted like a mentor to Miranda, teaching the art of friendship and sword battling. One day, Princess Celestia decided that Meta Stallion and Miranda go to the Summer Sun Celebration to help with the decorations and such. But instead, they had to help save the world from Everlasting Night. She used to love him until he left her to go back to his world.


Miranda is a pegasus. She has purple skin, pink mane, and a red heart cutie mark that has a brown arrow through it. (As seen in the Avatar photo) Underneath that strand of pink hair is a heart shaped scar on her forehead that she got in a city her mother and father her took her when she was a filly. She keeps a strand of her pink mane in front of it so no pony will see it. She perfers to not tell anypony unless she knows she can REALLY trust them.

Heart Scar

Her heart shaped scar on her forehead. "This is why there's always a strand of hair between my eyes"