Misty Dash
Kind Alicorn
Gender Female
Residence Canterlot
Occupation Raiser of the stars

Misty Dash is a female Alicorn. She is the daughter of Princess Luna and Prince Artemis and is responisble for raising the stars alongside her mother, Luna. Unlike Luna, Artemis was not pleased with her and cast a spell on her to turn into her dark side, Thundermare, and destroy Equestria. Luckily, with the help of the new magic given to Luna and Celestia by the Tree of Harmony, she was brought back to her former state. Misty Dash represents the element of leadership.


Misty Dash was born into the royal family after Princess Twilight Sparkle became an Alicorn by finsihing Star Swirl the Bearded's unfinished spell. She then lived with her parents in Canterlot and helped raise the stars at night, assisting her mother thoughtout the night.

At the age of five, she attended Princess Celestia's "School for Gifted Unicorns". She was told that she was the first princess and Alicorn to ever attend there, and, because of this, many unicorns made fun of her and teased her after and before class. One day Misty couldn't take it anymore and flew up to a cloud, where no unicorn in the school could reach her. She thought about her talent and cutie mark, and wondered if she would ever get it. Suddenly and strangely, she got a magical surge that young unicorns got. All of a sudden, she was standing right in the middle of Luna and Celestia's old throne room.

Princess Luna walked out from behind the blue throne and told Misty that she was not going to sit "idly by" while they all basked in her "precious light". She then exclaims that there will only be one princess in Equestria, and that princess will be her. The wall behind Luna then breaks down and sunlight pours through the room. She raises the moon in front of the sun, causing an eclipse. The resulting shadow envelops her, transforming her into Nightmare Moon, laughing evily.

"Mom! Think of how long you were banished to the moon! You'll give us no choice but to send you back there if you don't stop!"

-Misty Dash

Nightmare Moon's menacing laughter echoes throughout the room, and she begins to destroy the throne room with her magic. As Misty Dash dives out of the way of falling debris, Princess Celestia enters to survey the damage. Misty comes between Celestia and Nightmare Moon, addressing her as "Luna" and telling her to stop before she is bansihed to the moon again. Celestia, not even acknowleging Misty is there, tells Nightmare Moon to lower the moon, because it is her duty. Nightmare Moon then says that her only duty now  is to destroy Celestia.

Nightmare Moon attacks and chases Celestia into the sky, prompting Misty to follow. After several times of dodging Nightmare Moon's magic, Celestia is hit. Screaming, she plummets to the throne room floor. As Nightmare Moon laughs evily from above, Misty cries over the fallen Celestia and wonders why her mother would do such a thing, not realizing she is in the past. As Misty sobs, Celestia gets up. Still not acknowleging Misty is there, Celestia raises the Elements of Harmony, which magically teleport her to the Tree of Harmony, quickly giving her the Elements of Equestria, and then zapping her back to the throne room again. Misty then realizes that this is the night Celestia banished her mother to the moon.

"Are those the Elements of Equestria? But that's just an old mare's tale . . ."

-Misty Dash realizing the Elements are no myth

Princess Celestia levitates the Elements of Equestria, and they form a ring around her. Flying back up to Nightmare Moon, she hovers across her sister. With teary eyes, she blasts Nightmare Moon with the Elements. Nightmare Moon blasts back with her own magic, bu the Element's magic is too strong and she is engulfed in a rainbow of light and blasted to the moon, creating the Mare in the Moon's image on the moon's surface.

Misty's magic surge wears off and she is amazed at what she just saw. By the end of the flashback, she had realized that that flashback had been a warning to not grow jeaous or evil, but also a warning about the future. She had missed class and she rushed back to it. The school was deserted because everypony had been dismissed for the day. Misty then flew home and went to bed silently.

The next day, Misty told Celestia what she had saw, and Celestia replied that she should tell no pony about the flashback she had seen. But surprisingly, Celestia tells Misty about the Elements of Equestria and tells her where she can find them since when the flashback took place it was over 1000 years ago and the Elements of Equestria are long gone. She gives Misty a map to the Tree of Harmony and immediately after, Misty grabs her saddlebag and flies off to the old sister's castle.

Forgetting about the Elements of Equestria, Misty is excited to explore the castle ruins. She goes in and finds the place where the Elements of Harmony were kept, and then finds the throne room in the same condition as it was after Luna turned into Nightmare Moon.

Misty, having expirience in the old castle ruins, finds the secret door that opens up to the old sister's room that contains a diary. In the diary, Misty reads that Celestia and Luna re just getting ready for their coronation. Misty flips through the pages and finally finds where Celestia talks about her sister's banishment . . . and the Elements of Equestria.

"The Elements of Equestria are far more powerful then anything I have ever encountered in Equestria, the only defense Equestria has left after the Elements of Harmony have disappeared mysteriously."

-Celestia writing about the Elements of Equestria

Misty read on and finds that in order to summon the Elements of Equestria, she needs to find a crown that she believes is her coronation crown, a silver tiara with a blue star in the middle. Luckily, Misty had brought it in her saddlebag and she positioned it on her head. Putting the sister's diary in her saddlebag, she races to the Tree of Harmony.

Misty takes out the diary of her saddlebag as she gazed at the Tree of Harmony. She reads that the only way to summon the Elements is by reading the spell contained in the diary, and having her special crown atop of her head.  Misty takes a deep breath and starts to read the spell.

"Elements of one, Elements of another. Bring thou more so thy can treat the ponies with charity and devotion. For the most powerful magic of all, is the magic of leadership!"

-The spell

Misty Dash is then lifted into the air as sparkles envelop her and two crowns and a gold necklace appears out of the two branches and the trunk. The Elements of Harmony's symbols disappear and three of the branches disappear into the trunk. The two remaining trunks make symbols of their own, the first in the shape of a microphone and the second in the shape of a heart. The trunk's symbol, however, does not disappear, for it already contains Misty's cutie mark symbol, a star. The necklace that came out links itself on Misty's neck, as the other crowns put itself on two other ponies, who had suddenly appeared by Misty's side. Misty is shocked to see the ponies and asked when they got here. The unicorn replies that they were always there, she just had to discover the Elements of Equestria to discover them.

"We were always here, Misty, watching you. We knew one day you would discover the Elements of Equestria, and we would bring harmony to the land just as the Elements of Harmony did once."

-Starlight Sparkle

The first filly is a unicorn with a light purple coat and yellow and dark purple curly hair with light blue eyes. Her name was Starlight Sparkle. She had the cutie mark of a microphone, signifying her love of singing, but also bringing her talent to make peace and harmony, which represents the element of charity.

The second filly is a pegasus with a pink coat and yellow and brown hair with aqua colored eyes. Her name was Lightning Dancer. She had the cutie mark of an orange crystal heart with two lightning bolts coming out of the top and bottom, signifying her love of flying and also spreading harmony and love. Her element was the element of devotion.

Misty brings the two fillies with her back to Canterlot and they say that Celestia and Luna is expecting them. Excitingly, Misty bursts through the doors of the throne room in Canterlot and Celestia and Luna are waiting there. The two princesses say the same thing Starlight did, and the three fillies are happy with the new elements.

At the age of six, she was asked to raise the stars when her mother grew to weak one day to do it. Misty confessed that she couldn't and cried to her weak mother. Celestia came out to see what was happening and rushed Luna inside, not bearing to see her fall into death. Just as she left, Celestia gave Misty a wink. Warmed inside by the wink, a spark inside her activated her flight and magic and she raised the stars that twinkled with every flap she took of her wings.

"The spark . . ."

-Misty Dash whispers as Celestia winks at her

Exhasted, Misty fell to the ground as sparks flew from her flank, creating her cutie mark: a blue star. Getting up after being slightly unconcious, Misty wakes to find her mother fully healed and her cutie mark on her flank.

Years later, her father, Prince Artemis, grew resentless and decided to put an end to Misty's reign of glory ater being crowned with the legendary Elements of Equestria. When asleep, he put a spell on Misty that drew out her good magic from her and put dark magic in her to make her turn into something wicked like Nightmare Moon. As she awakened, Misty felt different. Laughing, she goes to the royal sister's throne room and transformed into Thundermare.

Surprised, Luna and Celestia dashed into Starlight and Lightning's room and grabbed their elements. Luna then realizes they are missing the element of leadership, which the crown is atop Misty's head, and the necklace on her neck. As Luna distracts Misty, Celestia grabbed the element of leadership and they banished her to the moon. Sobbing, Luna went with her to the moon where she looked after Misty.


-Misty being defeated and being banished to the moon

More then 50 years later, Misty was restored to her normal self by the Elements of Equestria and was brought to reign over the stars and the occupants of Equestria. With Starlight and Lightning by her side as well as her mother and aunt, Celestia, she was crowned the newest addition to the royal family.

Abilities and Talents

  • Leadership - her special trait of leadership makes her the pony she is today. Without it, she wouldn't be connected to the elements.
  • Writing and Magic - Misty loves to read and write her own stories about magic. She loves to attend the School for Gifted Unicorns and helps Celestia out around the school. She can also have strong magic when connected with the elements, and even without them.
  • Flying - Misty is one of the most talented fliers ever and can create a Double Rainboom easily. Because of this ability, she wishes to join the Shadowbolts one day and become their captain.


Misty is a slender Alicorn mare. She was a light cerclean coat and green Twilight Sparkle style eyes. She has a Rainbow Dash style mane that is blonde with a navy stripe down the middle with an identical tail. She has a dark blue star cutie mark.


"I've always been fast, slow was never an option for me."

"The only way to be a Shadowbolt is to become . . . like a shadow. Yeah, I know, that makes no sense at all."

"What do you mean I'm just like this 'Rainbow Dash' pony. I'm my own pony and no pony can top me!"

"I raise the stars, but one day I'd like to be just like my mother!"

"Mom! Think of how long you were banished to the moon! You'll give us no choice but to send you back there if you don't stop!"

"Are those the Elements of Equestria? But that's just an old mare's tale . . ."


  • Misty Dash is somewhat similar to Rainbow Dash in many ways.
  • Misty Dash's name and design is inspired by Rainbow Dash.