Moon Drop is a quiet yet brave Pegasus filly. She represents the Element of Bravery, or Courage.

Cherished Moon Drop
Gender Female
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Occupation Forest Caretaker (Future Job)
Eyes Yellow
Mane Dark brown
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Coat Pale blue
Cutie Mark Mouse


Moon Drop is a pale blue Pegasus filly with dark brown hair. She has freckles on the bridge of her nose, and bright yellow eyes. Her cutie mark is a grey mouse with black eyes.


No matter what, she has a pair of large glasses, usually maroon or red.


When she was a foal, she was hardly ever startled by anything and dared to do things like go up to a growling dog. People thought this was odd but really took no notice.

She was born and raised in Fillydelphia, but soon moved to Ponyville with her family, acting very shy. She met the Cutie Mark Crusaders, who asked her to join them, but she declined.

In a roleplay between Trudge and Lugia, she became discorded, losing her hue and becoming scared. She ran from everything and didn't trust anyone. Dawn Luster tried to attack her, but was crushed by Twilight's balloon.

Later on, she got a job as a caretaker of the Everfree Forest, along with Fluttershy and Chrysanthemum. She helps Fluttershy negotiate with Copperhoof and helps slow trees get ready for winter. She also is working with Twilight Sparkle in writing a book on the various lives of each animal in the forest, Twilight taking notes and writing, while Moon Drop makes the illustrations. When she saw her first subject, a mouse that stood up to even large Timberwolves, she realized that bravery wasn't an odd thing. It was completely natural, and just varied among creatures. It was then she received her cutie mark.


Star Gazer - Mother

Armageddon - Father

Cattail - Sister

Poison Ivy - Sister

Holly Wreath - Sister

Black Adder - Cousin


  • "But.... I'm scared...." - Just before coming Discorded


  • Though her parents and sibling are Alicorns, she is the only Pegasus.
  • When affected by Poison Joke, her colors randomize (including Cutie Mark).