Mother Celestia is the first episode in the series My Little Pony: Generations.


Celestia tells the Elements of Harmony that she actually has two foals.







Axis Lunaris

Axis Solaris

Elements of Harmony



Black Adder


The episode starts with Twilight leading the other Elements of Harmony down a road in Canterlot. They seem a bit tired, probably because she woke them up early than they are used to, but otherwise in a rush. Twilight begins to explain something about a note she recieved from Celestia, and it being very urgent, when she crashes into a silver Pegasus pony.

The other pony is actually Black Adder, on her way to find something to destroy. She's very annoyed, and Twilight's crash only made her mood worse. After a bit of an argument, the group passes Adder and continues to Canterlot Castle. They soon arrive, fidning nobody, not even guards, waiting to greet them. Twilight uses her magic to find Celestia's aura and leads the group up many stairs. When they arrive, Celestia is in a room down the hall. Walking over, Celestia greets them, followed by Discord, who has just appeared. Applejack and Fluttershy react a bit more harsh than the others, Applejack trying to run into Discord and Fluttershy fainting.

Discord stops Applejack in her tracks by putting one of his hands against her, then pushes her back. He then explains he is not here to fight, but to see his children. The other Elements look to Pinkie, who explains that any relations she had with Discord were ended quite some time ago.

Without any other explanation from Celestia or Discord, two foals dart in from behind them. They're both Alicorns, one being male and the other female. After a bit of confusion, Celestia explains, Discord contributing once in a while.

She explains that even though she is immortal, she will eventually lose her powers to raise the sun, along with Luna. She decided that she needed children to carry their abilities down. She didn't want Equestria to know yet, so she decided to create them through an ancient spell. The spell would require blood or magic from a male and a female for the child to actually be genetically related, so Discord volunteered, seeing as nobody else did.

After explaining, Celestia asks the Elements and Discord to show Axis Solaris and Axis Lunaris around Equestria, seeing as they had been in the castle a few days. She also notes that Solaris is a year older than Lunaris, and knows his way around a few things like flying.

When they arrive at the park in Canterlot, Solaris rummages in a saddlebag that Celestia gave them and brings out a red ball. After bouncing it around a few times with Lunaris, the ball bounces too high and lands in the branches of a tree. Lunaris starts to cry, but Solaris flaps up and grabs it, bringing it back down and giving it to her.


Animation Errors

  • When Lunaris and Solaris dart in, their manes switch colors for a frame.
  • When Solaris flies to get his ball from the tree, he only has one wing and is missing his horn

Information Errors

  • Even though Celestia said Solaris was a year older than Lunaris, she didn't say that they were created at different times, so he was either created to be a year older or she forgot to mention there were two creation times.