List of My Little Fillys: Friendship is Magic Episodes

  1. The Legacy of Friendship:Twilight Sparkle meets Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity for the very first time as they are about to face a villain namely Nightmare Moon so it won't be just night!
  2. Rarely Rarity: Rarity starts copying her friends just to become like them, But Copy-Cat copies Rarity starts driving everybody crazy! Now they are dealt as rivals!
  3. A Very Magical Christmas!: A Mysterious Pony keeps swiping all the Christmas presents in all the houses in Ponyville, So Twilight and her friends investigate all the scenes of the crimes to see if they could find this mysterious Gift-Grabber and save Christmas!
  4. FlutterBye: Fluttershy runs away when she starts to think she's too quiet for anybody!
  5. Apple Aches: Applejack decides to quit picking apples and start picking oranges! Much to her suprise, It's not quite what she expected...
  6. Rainbow Crash: After a flying accident, Rainbow Dash forgets how to fly and her friends try to help her remember how to do it.
  7. A Spell Too Far: When Twilight misreads a page in one of her spell books, She accidently turns everypony of Ponyville evil and now she needs to find a "make everypony good" spell in the book to make everypony good again!
  8. Apple Hijacked:

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