MLP Fim Colt Version

From left to right: Butterscotch, Rainbow Blitz, Applejack, Elusive, Dusklight Shine, Bubble Berry

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Colt Version is a male version of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Fans usually change the pitch or dub scenes from the show in a more male voice. There are many videos of such. The fanmade Ianto Jones was genderswapped into Martha Jones, the friend of the Tenth Doctor.


It was started by a deviantart user by the name of Trotsworth, who often vectored ponies and decided to do a bit of genderbending. Not only has he genderbent the mane cast, but he has also genderbent Spike and Celestia. It was also edited by other users.


Each pony has a different name and different look. So far the names created are:

Mane Six:

Twilight Sparkle/Dusklight Shine

Rainbow Dash/Rainbow Blitz


Pinkie Pie/Bubble Berry



Spike/Barb (Barbara)


Princess Celestia/Lord Solaris

Princess Luna/Prince Artemis

Princess Cadance/Prince Crescendo

Queen Chrysalis/King Metamorphosis

Shining Armor/Gleaming Shield

Prince Blueblood/Princess Bluebelle

King Sombra/Queen Umbra


Background Ponies:

Doctor Whooves/Doctress Whooves

Vinyl Scratch/Final Slice


Derpy Hooves/Dopey Hooves

Golden Harvest/Carrot Top

Lyra Heartstrings/Lyre Heartstrike

Bon Bon/Macaron

Big Macintosh/Big Macareina


Apple Bloom/Apple Buck


Sweetie Belle/Silver Bell

Babs Seed/Bob Seed


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