My Little Pony: Generations is a series by Lu. It focuses on various generations of ponies rather than just one.

Episode List

Season One

  1. Mother Celestia - Celestia announces her two children, Axis Solaris and Axis Lunaris.
  2. Hoofbeats - The Cutie Mark Crusaders are determined to find valentines for Hearts and Hooves day.
  3. Daycare - Pinkie Pie and her friends are assigned with watching Solaris and Lunaris, as well as Pound, Pumpkin, Wind Breaker, Spitfyre, Spirits, and Sparkling Apple.
  4. Harmony and Discord Pt1 - Discord has returned, plus new Elements!
  5. Harmony and Discord Pt2 - Will the EoH beat the EoD? The final showdown will reveal!
  6. Stampede - When the Rodeo Sisters visit, everyone picks up on western fads throughout the town!
  7. Sparks - The Firecracker family arrives in Ponyville because Scorchland has been doused!
  8. Got a Light? Pt1 - Lightblade meets his counterpart, Darkblaze.
  9. Got a Light? Pt2 - Can Light defeat Darkblaze, who is his opposite equal?
  10. Rabid - Fluttershy becomes paranoid that she and Moon Drop were bitten by a rabid animal.
  11. At Last - The Cutie Mark Crusaders finally get their cutie marks!
  12. Elementary, My Dear - Bunsen announces Coma's arrival to his class.
  13. Father Dearest - It's Father's Day in Ponyville! But how will Lunaris, Solaris, and Spirits be treated when their father is Discord?
  14. Wings of Fire Pt1 - Part one of a four part episode. Solaris' dreams comes true! His mother has allowed him to go through knight training.
  15. Wings of Fire Pt2 - Shortly after various fights with the White Knights, Solaris finds his sister has been foalnapped!
  16. Wings of Fire Pt3 - Solaris head off to find the two items he needs for his quest, a blue Phoenix feather and gems from a dead dragon's lair.
  17. Wings of Fire Pt4 - Solaris needs to find his sister, and fast!
  18. Broken Treaty - Serpensile announces war on Equestria, even though they have a treaty with one another.

Season Two

  1. Me, Myself, and I - Spike goes on a quest to find his real parents, but soon boredom gets to him.
  2. Eureka! - Twilight has made a delightful discovery, but when she is told by the spirit of Starswirl the bearded it could change the fate of Equestria, she has to learn to keep her mouth shut.
  3. Like Aunt, Like Niece - Since Celestia is very busy with her royal duties, Lunaris spends some time bonding with Luna.
  4. Origin of Derpy Hooves - When Derpy crashes a bit too hard into Fluttershy's home, she loses some of her past memories and needs to reclaim them.
  5. Shoo-Bee-Doo! - Some water ponies arrive in Ponyville, but soon become landed. It's up to Fluttershy and a few of her friends to bring them back home before they perish.
  6. Camera Crew - Snapshot and his production team decide to put on a play for the news, but he gets stage fright. Curtain Call will either have to find another pony or convince him otherwise.
  7. Easter's Eggciting! - Like every year, Angel has to go with various other rabbits and hide eggs to keep the spirit of Easter alive. When a bunch of the bunnies go missing, it is up to him to save them and Easter morning.
  8. Dear Diary - When Rainbow Dash reads Rarity's diary, there are major trust issues between the group.
  9. Love and Hate - Heart Skipper has a whole group of colts all confused on the laws of love.
  10. Foal Fair - The annual Foal Fair is being set up! But when Solaris and Lunaris fight over what their booth should be about, nobody can decide if they really want their booth to be what it already is.
  11. Good Knight - Solaris is given a chance to go with Lightblade on a mission. He's so excited, but suddenly he starts to worry.
  12. Serious Lessons - Solaris and Lunaris are finally to learn of their royal duties when they get older. But when several evil forms appear in the land, they need to rely on short-term memory.

Season Three

  1. Runways - Rarity finally has a chance to get some of her clothes modeled on the runways of Canterlot! When Needle and Thread appear, they make things very difficult.
  2. Joke's On You! - Several patches of Poison Joke appear in towns all over Equestria, and it's up to our fellow ponies to figure out everything behind it.
  3. Hush Now, Quiet Now - Sweetie Belle, Wind Chime, and Downbeat enter a singing contest, but their voices suddenly die!

Movie List

After every season, there is usually a movie. Most of the movies either pick from the last episode of the previous season, or make way for the first episode of the next.


Battlefield is the first movie, following the episode Broken Treaty. It is based of the roleplay.

Too Early

Too Early is the second movie, following the episode of Serious Lessons. It focuses on Solaris and Lunaris, who need to use abilities they didn't even know they had to save Equestria.