My casting for who would play human versions of the characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This has nothing do with Equestria Girls and mainly has older versions of the main six.


Part 1: Friendship is Magic

A narrator describes two royal sisters who ruled over the magical land of Equestria. The elder sister used her powers to raise the sun, while the younger sister brought out the moon at night. The younger sister became resentful because the ponies of Equestria relished daytime but slept at night. One night, she refused to lower the moon. She transformed into Nightmare Moon, a "wicked woman of darkness," and vowed to shroud Equestria in eternal night. Her sister used the Elements of Harmony to banish her to the moon, and took on responsibility for both sun and moon. The narrator’s voice changes to that of Twilight Sparkle, who reads that harmony has been maintained in Equestria ever since. Celestia tells Twilight that there's more to life than studying, and tasks her with supervising the preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration in Ponyville. The letter ends with one other task for her: make some friends. In the town hall, Mayor Mare announces the beginning of the Summer Sun Celebration, but Princess Celestia is absent. Nightmare Moon steps out of a glowing green fog and addresses the cowering people: "Am I not royal enough for you? Don't you know who I am?" Twilight declares that the dark alicorn is Nightmare Moon. Impressed, Nightmare Moon asks Twilight if she also knows why she's here, but Twilight is too terrified to answer. Nightmare Moon proclaims that the night will last forever, and cackles as a thunderstorm builds up around her, with Twilight looking on in disbelief. In Golden Oak LibraryTwilight Sparkle finds a book about the Elements of Harmony. She learns that the elements of kindness, laughter, generosity, honesty, and loyalty are known, but the sixth is a mystery. The book also says that the Elements are stored in the royal sisters' ancient castle in the Everfree Forest. Twilight decides to look for the Elements and is unaware that Nightmare Moon has been listening to her conversation the whole time. Twilight meets Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity & Rainbow Dash along the way. She enter the castle ruins and find five stone orbs, which Twilight believes are the first five Elements of Harmony. Nightmare Moon creates a purple whirlwind that teleports Twilight and the orbs to another tower. Nightmare Moon and Twilight face off, but Nightmare Moon shatters the orbs. Twilight realizes that the spirits of the Elements are present, and explains how her friends represent the elements of honesty, kindness, laughter, generosity, and loyalty. The fragments of the orbs begin to circle the friends. A stone orb magically appears over Twilight, and she declares:"You see, Nightmare Moon, when those Elements are ignited by the... the spark, that resides in the heart of us all, it creates the sixth element: the element of... magic!" The orb fragments form golden jeweled necklaces on the five friends' necks, and Twilight's orb becomes a crown. The Elements glow and the ponies are lifted into the air. A rainbow-colored double helix envelopes Nightmare Moon. The room is flooded with light. When the light fades, the friends discover that the gems on their necklaces resemble their cutie marks, and Rarity's tail has magically grown back. Princess Celestia appears and explains that Twilight had the magic to defeat Nightmare Moon as long as she let true friendship into her heart. Nightmare Moon returns to her original form, Princess Luna. The friends learn that Luna is Celestia's younger sister, and the sisters reconcile. Back in Ponyville, Pinkie throws a party to celebrate the royal sisters' reunion. When Twilight tells Celestia that she doesn't want to leave her new friends, Celestia gives her a new mission: to continue studying the magic of friendship in Ponyville and report back her findings. Twilight promises to study harder than ever, much to the delight of her new friends and the citizens of Ponyville. Back at the castle, Celestia sinisterly congrats Luna for helping Twilight with her first test. 

Part 2: Griffon the Brush Off

One week later, Pinkie spots Rainbow Dash flying up above and calls to her, but Dash tells her "not now". Pinkie pursues Dash and calls out to her, until Dash slams into a mountainside and slides down next to Pinkie, who tells her she was going to warn her about it. Pinkie Pie starts asking around Ponyville for the whereabouts of Rainbow Dash. Once she finds her, Dash tries to escape, but Pinkie Pie catches up with her instantly whenever she stops. After several failed hiding spots, Dash gives up and asks what she wants. Pinkie reveals that she was trying to find her so she could help in playing a prank on Spike. Using a nearby thundercloud, they wait for the baby dragon to exit the town square pavilion. Once Spike is out, upon a signal from Pinkie, Dash kicks the cloud to ignite a thunderous boom, scaring him. The scare causes him to hiccup repeatedly, making him breathe his magic fire at a set of scrolls and transporting them to an unsuspecting Princess Celestia. After making sure he is okay, the two commence a pranking spree on the rest of their friends. They use water colors on the apples in some of Applejack's apple trees, switch Twilight's pen ink with disappearing ink, and use sneezing powder on Rarity. The "victims" are annoyed, but still amused by the good-natured practical jokes. At a nearby lake, when Pinkie learns that Dash sees Fluttershy as their target for a fake squirting turtle toy, she immediately stops her. She warns Dash that Fluttershy is too sensitive for even the most harmless of pranks. The two end the day by pranking each other instead. The next day, Pinkie Pie arrives wearing an arrow head band, a pair of glasses with a red clown nose, a droopy mustache, and a party kazoo near Rainbow Dash's cloud-house in the sky, where she meets Gilda, Dash's old griffon friend from Junior Speedster Flight Camp. Pinkie Pie has prepared another series of pranks for her and Dash to pull. Gilda reminds Dash about a promised flying session, and Dash excuses herself, promising to hang out with Pinkie Pie later. Pinkie accepts this, but as she tries to catch up to the two in the clouds later, Gilda intercepts her and tells her to buzz off now that she is around to keep Dash company. Rainbow Dash and Gilda show up in town and, not noticing Pinkie Pie, part ways briefly so Rainbow Dash can attend to some weather jobs. When Pinkie observes Gilda scaring Granny Smith and stealing an apple from a produce stand, she tries her best to justify the situation. The last straw falls when the griffon roars at and drives to tears a well-meaning Fluttershy, who was guiding a family of ducks. Fluttershy flies away, and passes two ponies on the way making strange faces, which an animator on the show described as a "derpy-sorta look". Tired of the bird-lion's mean streak, Pinkie Pie vows to fix the problem "Pinkie Pie-style." This entails throwing a welcoming party at Sugarcube Corner in Gilda's honor. At the party, the griffon is greeted by Pinkie's joy buzzer handshake. Gilda warns Pinkie that she knows what the pony is up to, but the latter simply brushes it aside and officially starts the party by having everyone in the party welcome Gilda. After the party starts, Gilda falls for most of the pranks set up for the party, to which she hides her growing irritation from the other ponies, including Dash. The griffon strongly suspects that Pinkie Pie was the mastermind behind the party pranks. The pink pony then preps the griffon for "Pin the Tail on the Pony". As she guides the guest of honor to the picture, Gilda suspects this is yet another prank and goes the other direction, resulting in slipping over a fallen piece of cake and having the 'tail on the other end'. Gilda finally loses her temper, calling all the attendees at the party "dweebs" and proclaiming Pinkie Pie as "Queen Lame-o" for setting up all the pranks. She then attempts to bail the party with Dash at her side, but Rainbow Dash doesn't move after seeing Gilda's true nature. To everyone's surprise, Rainbow Dash reveals that she is the one who set up all the pranks (not all meant for Gilda). Contrary to the bird's view of the party as a way to get back at her, Pinkie reveals that it was meant to improve the griffon's sour attitude. Gilda apologizes to Pinkie & a new friendship is assured. Later that night, Gilda arrives to Celestia who congrats her just like Luna. Celestia then smiles evilly.

Part 3: The Return of Harmony

1 month later, a statue of a mad scientist is shown a large crack spreads across it and a cackle is heard. It shatters & Discord is shown & he steals the Elements of Harmony. Chaos then starts happening. Celestia writes to the Mane Six to stop Discord. Discord then appears in front of the Mane Six to explain who he is. He then gives them a riddle: "To retrieve your missing Elements just make sense of this change of events. Twists and turns are my master plan. Then find the elements back where you began.". Twilight answers the riddle: her house. Discord gives them drinks to celebrate the right answer & leaves. This causes Applejack become a lair & Pinkie a grump. It also turned Rarity greedy & Fluttershy into a brute. Twilight also realizes Rainbow Dash has gone, but tries to reassure herself. Meanwhile Discord sinisterly says: "Looks like we might be due for a big old storm of chaos!" & leaves to begin his reign of chaos. Frustrated that her friends no longer care about this discovery or the current crisis, Twilight forcefully puts the elements on Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, & Rarity. Twilight rallies the girls with the plan of defeating Discord so they never have to see each other again, and they all gleefully go outside, except Rarity, who has trouble pushing "Tom" ahead of her. Twilight angrily chucks the boulder out the window, leaving another giant hole in the wall. Discord appears outside of the library, taunting them into stopping him by making a bulls-eye appear on his chest for them to "fire" at. Twilight attempts to combine the elements' power to defeat Discord, but nothing happens. As the girls go their separate ways, Twilight's colors turn dull and she sheds a tear that splatters in the shape of a broken heart. Discord celebrates his victory as Ponyville is driven even deeper into total chaos. Twilight throws away her element of Magic tiara and leaves Ponyville. Discord, meanwhile, defeats Celestia in a epic fight. Later, he notices the Main Six are back & they explain that the drinks he gave them wore off. A fight occurs & Discord gets turned into stone. Ponyville goes back to normal, and all chaos and disharmony caused by Discord is neutralized. Princess Celestia holds a ceremony in Canterlot, honoring the ponies for defeating Discord, where a new stained glass window depicting the friends' victory is unveiled. Later that night, Celestia frees Discord, thanking him for his part in the test. Discord asks "What are you going to do with them?" Celestia just answers: "Call Trixie", in which Discord does.

Part 4: Boast Busters


Friendship is MagicEdit
  • Spike is absent in the whole movie.
  • Twilight meets her friends during her journey to the castle, not before.
  • Twilight rides on the manticore that Fluttershy tamed.
  • Luna was part of Celestia's test.
Griffon the Brush-OffEdit
  • Pinkie isn't with Twilight in the beginning.
  • She doesn't go to Twilight after Gilda tells her to buzz off.
  • The ending is changed a bit.
The Return of HarmonyEdit
  • Cheerilee doesn't take a field trip.
  • You don't see how the Mane Six noticing what happening, but you do see Discord steal the Elements of Harmony.
  • Instead of Celestia, Discord explains what he did.
  • Twilight already knows where the elements are.
  • The Mane Six don't go into the hedge maze, but Discord still turns them against thier elements in the form of a drink.
  • Twilight moves away from Ponyville after giving up.
  • A fight occurs before Discord gets turned back into a statue.
  • Celestia frees Discord & he asks what's going to happened.
Boast BustersEdit

Part 5: A Canterlot Wedding

Part 6: One Bad Apple

Part 7: The Crystal Empire

Part 8: Daring Don't

Part 9: Power Ponies

Part 10: The Master of Time

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